14 things to do in downtown Toronto

Toronto, one of the true metropolitans of the world, has become an essential byword for Canada itself, much like how New York City is for America. Toronto represents and contains all that exemplifies Canada: the bustling urban spread, contrasted with natural beauty and steel-lined skylines that are every photographer’s dream. Second to none, the diversity of Toronto allows for unique experiences throughout the city; the vast mix of different cultures coming together in the great Canadian melting pot allows for some great views, dining spots, and displays of cultures unlike ever before. So, this begs the question: as a tourist in Toronto, what exactly do you get up to? In this blog, we’ll take a look at 14 things to do in downtown Toronto.

14 things to do in downtown Toronto: our list

Whether you’re visiting for a two-day stay or for a long time, Toronto has something for everyone. The sights alone will take you quite some time, let alone the many eateries and experiences scattered throughout the city. But for the real Toronto experience and to get the actual feel of the place, these 14 spots will tell you how exactly it feels to be a resident of the best city in the great white north. 

Visit the Kensington Market

No visit to Toronto Downtown is complete without anybody getting into the Kensington Market and falling in awe with the surroundings and ambiance. It’s essentially a rite of passage to visit the Kensington Markey in downtown Toronto, full of its incredible smells and sights. The market is famous for having many small, independent boutique shops that sell all kinds of souvenirs, beautifully painted murals, and the best food you’ll ever have. Period. The tastes of the Kensington Market are simply legendary. 

CN Tower

The CN Tower is to Toronto what the Chrysler Building might have been to America. Or it still is. The first thing you need to know about the CN Tower is that it’s the tallest standing building in North America and features a revolving restaurant. So maybe plan a lunch on the CN Tower for one day? For the bold and brave among us, the CN Tower also has something called an edge walk, where you essentially walk, suspended by a harness, at the edge of the highest building in Canada. It seems scary, but it is a lifetime experience for many. 

Royal Ontario Museum

For people who appreciate man-made structures and the beauty that architecture brings to the skyline of a city, there is no better place in downtown Toronto to visit than the Royal Ontario Museum. While the displays inside are filled with some of the most remarkable specimens ever recorded in modern history and a lot more for curious minds, the museum’s entrance and building are something to behold. The contemporary glass structure juxtaposed against the old-styled building provides for some grand views, and at night, it looks very majestic. You want to be in this place while visiting downtown Toronto.

Rogers Centre

Rogers Centre is described as one of Canada’s most iconic sports venues. Home to giants like the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team and many other junior league teams, this legendary stadium also has a hotel to stay in and a Hard Rock Café, so one visit to the stadium, even without any games playing, can be very rewarding. The experience of the sports venue is incredible, and if you can, time your visit to any match going on in the Rogers Centre; there, you will get a sense of the enormity of the stadium and its sheer presence. 

Hockey Hall of Fame

Canadians love ice hockey, and the Hall of Fame does the sport justice. The Hockey Hall of Fame is an interactive museum that is done right for hardcore fans of the sport and even visitors looking for the best of what downtown Toronto has to offer. Complete with sports memorabilia and tributes to the sport, the teams, and some of the best players that Canada has had in the sport, the Hockey Hall of Fame is undoubtedly a treat for anybody who is a fan of the sport and wants nothing more than a place to connect with the legends of ice hockey. 

Art Gallery of Ontario

While visiting an art gallery on holiday in Toronto might seem snobbish, it’s still pretty fun looking at some of the most important collections in Canada, perhaps in North America. Some incredible works by some of the best painters in history are displayed here, and you can easily spend more than three hours visiting the gallery. If you’re not a fan of art, don’t worry: the building and gallery are beautiful and provide a great photography spot. So maybe snap a couple of pictures out for memory lane. 

Distillery Historic District

For the hip and trendy discoverers among us who appreciate the ambiance that older, Victorian-era buildings bring to a place, the Distillery Historic District is a must-visit. For a spot of coffee or lunch at a trendy café that has some amazing options, the variety of things to do in this historic district in downtown Toronto is endless. You can even go and see some independent art galleries and learn to appreciate the art beyond big, steel-clad galleries. 

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

With more than 20,000 fish and nearly 500 species, this aquarium is one of Toronto’s most visited attractions, and one visit will convince you of its status. It even replicates some of the many different habitats from across the oceans, and with that, this aquarium is a must-visit. The people who are fans of Ripley’s Aquarium will tell you to spare some time and discover the whole place. It is undoubtedly unique and deserves a closer look. 

St Lawrence Market

For lunch or supper, we’d recommend going to St Lawrence Market to get a feel of just how diverse and rich the Toronto landscape is, with many dining options and artisans who also happen to make food! Everything from freshly made pasta to maple syrup crepes and other international delights is available, so make sure you’ve worked up quite an appetite before you step into St Lawrence Market. 

Toronto Island Park

Toronto Island Park is one of the highlights of the city’s natural beauty. With its many trails and paths, you can make sure that your day starts on a happy note. There are also amusement parks, petting zoos, and a whole lot of other activities to partake in, so Toronto Island Park should definitely be on your list to visit. 

Nathan Phillips Square

If you want to let the world know that you were in Toronto and need proof of that, the Toronto sign in Nathan Phillips Square is the place to be. Take a picture with the sign and feel the rhythm of the city move around you: much like Times Square, Toronto’s vibrant city life can be squeezed into Nathan Phillips Square. 

The Eaton Centre

For all your shopping needs, quick bites to eat, and just to marvel at the space Toronto offers, The Eaton Centre is also in downtown Toronto. Visit it and get stocked up on everything you need, or simply window-shop across this mega center’s many stores. 

Casa Loma

Appreciate the historic beauty that Toronto has to offer with this 1914 castle built on a hill overlooking the city. Three floors of ornately decorated rooms, including an observatory with Italian marble floors, are available to be amazed by. Definitely check this out if you like old-style grandeur. 

Steam Whistle Brewery

Check into the Steam Whistle Brewery and feel the rhythm of the city! This iconic tourist destination in Toronto gives visitors the feel of living in the big city and is definitely a place to visit for enthusiasts. 

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