Hello Residents Of 18 Yorkville. This Page Is Dedicated To Offering Facilitating Services To Those Impacted By The Covid-19 Isolation. If You Have Other Suggestions To Our Services, Do Reach Out And We’ll Make It Happen!

Grocery Pick Up

Stay home and we deliver your groceries to your door.

Come Workout in One of Our Suites

We have cleared the living room of one of the units, and considering installing 1 Treadmill in the unit. You and only you, can book a 1 hour slot, to use the treadmill. The unit comes with a smart TV, for your entertainment during your workout. We disinfect after every use.

Use Our Suites as Your Personal Office

Want to get away from family and kids to have a quiet working session? Come to one of our suites and enjoy your productive time alone!

Laundry Clean and Folded

We’ll wash your laundry, fold it, and return it wrapped perfectly. You're welcome.
Price depends on quantity.

Inquire About Unit