2-Bed Apartment or House: Which is Right For You?


When you start a family, the primary consideration in your mind is going to be accommodation: whether a house would be fine, or should an apartment cater to all the things that a new, growing family needs. There are several factors that need to be kept in mind when it comes to choosing either a house or an apartment, and these factors vary, from family to family. Some families need specialized care for their members, in which case an apartment can be rather problematic. On the other hand, urban dwellers tend to favor apartments, which have their own set of advantages over a regular house. 

2 Bedroom apartment

To see whether you should go for a two-bed apartment or a house, we have a guide that can help you go with the option that suits you, your family and your unique situation the most. You can use these metrics to make a decision, based on what your current circumstances are, and how you see them evolving over time. 

Two-bed apartment or house: which one’s better?

Lets get one thing straight: the fact that you are looking for a two-bedroom apartment or house means that anyway this goes, children are somehow going to be in the equation. Whether you’ve started a family, or whether you want to down the road, an extra bedroom comes in handy when children start growing up. To keep with mutual privacy, an extra bedroom helps. Even if that is not the case, the second bedroom can always double as the guest room, which would be difficult in an apartment block. So, again: the factors and how your situation is according to them will pretty much determine which option you need to go with. 


Financial options/ considerations

The first factor is always going to be your financial standing, how much can you afford. For example, going for an independent house on an apartment budget will have you living deep out of the suburbs. You will also have to look at locations; several high-rise places and affluent places will have apartments that will cost more than a decent house out in the suburbs. As such, the situation completely depends on your own financial standing: whether you can afford a house or an apartment, and where, if you can afford one, should you get them. Always remember to not go bust trying to go grand: it will be you who ends up paying for that. 

Lease, mortgage or purchase?

Once you make the decision of either house or apartment, the next step in financing is deciding what mode of payment you’re going to go with. If you have considerable amount with you, buying a property straight out is always the better option. That way, you’re not stuck with any long-term payment plans and dealing with premiums. However, since not everybody has such amount on hand, your next decision will then be between leasing or mortgaging; both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, and you will mainly look at the terms of the agreement and the premiums on the loan that will bind you for the next two or three decades. 


Once the financing talk is done, now we can get to the real factors that will determine your choice: whether to go for a two-bedroom apartment or go with a house. The primary factor: space. Space is something that stays stationary, while the need for it eventually grows. In that regards, an independent house will always be better than an apartment, even if the latter has two bedrooms. The simple addition of a garden, different rooms, a basement, and a yard can really amp up the space factor and can be the best option for a family that is growing. However, that is certainly not to say that an apartment cannot have space; you can utilize space efficiently and intelligently in an apartment and still have the same amount of usable space as a decent-sized house. 

Maintenance and upkeep

Whether you buy a house or lease an apartment, and whether its in the city or in the suburbs, one thing is the same for both houses and apartments: maintenance and upkeep. How much are you willing to spend, or how much time are you willing to take out of your routine to clean, dust, wipe down and do an overall maintenance job at your house or apartment. That is the one thing that you need to keep in mind when deciding between the two. In this regards, apartments are the clear winners: aside from less space, you get services within the apartment block that can maintain your apartment for you. In a house, not only is it going to cost more, if you end up doing it yourself, its going to take a whole lot of time. 


With real estate in general, its all about the location. House in the suburbs versus apartment in the city. Both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. With the suburbs, you get a quiet, homey surrounding that has no big city rush, lots of space and usually a tight-knit neighbourhood. For the city, you get access to all sorts of locations, a great infrastructure, public transport and better facilities. So, with the choice between the two, you will have to measure it up against what specifically are you looking for: a house in the suburbs, or a two-bedroom apartment in the city that has all the facilities in the world, and then some. 

Amenities, extras

In this section, a two-bedroom apartment is always going to be the winner and the better choice. If you are the type of person to look for what additional things can be thrown in the deal, well, look no further than an apartment. Many apartment complexes and buildings come with a host of amenities and extras like gyms, swimming pools, access to a recreational room or rec center and a lot of things, that a house just doesn’t have. And if you want your house to have these extras, you will have to pay for them to set up in the house, which will then take up the space for which you bought a house in the first place for. Therefore, with extras and amenities, apartments will always come out on top. 

Security and safety

Another really big factor, especially for families with kids. We don’t live in a safe world, unfortunately, but that does not mean that where you live should be devoid of any security and safety features to give you peace of mind. Apartment blocks regularly offer gated entrances, visitor logs, CCTV coverage and additional security at the entrance to ensure the occupants have the peace of mind and a system in place that ensures security. Again, in an independent house, you will have to pay for CCTV installations, and once they are out of range, its not a pretty thought then. With their location in the city, apartment blogs are densely populated, which contributes to the human and neighbour element of security as well.


People love pets and sometimes they are part of our family, which means that they come in the equation as well. However, there are certain restrictions on pets, especially in apartment blocks; whereas in an independent house, you’re free to keep whatever pet you have, provided it does not make your neighbour’s life difficult. However, in an apartment the shared sense of community living and taking care of everybody means that pets can become a little too much. However, not all apartments have restrictions; each one has its own policy. 

The bottom line

As stated beforehand, the decision between a house and a two-bedroom apartment is entirely upto you, the person making the decision. Both of these options are equally feasible; what makes the choice rather tough is deciding keeping in view your specific circumstances. Perhaps you’re a family of one or newlyweds about to start a family; this will determine what decision you need to take. However, objectively, in the terms of the amenities, the financial factor and the security factor, a two-bedroom apartment covers all aspects of the living requirements, while also giving you access to the city life, amenities and the increased convenience of living near major landmarks like schools, parks and restaurants. In this context, a two-bedroom apartment is the perfect solution for housing requirements. 

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