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When looking for a decent furnished apartment to stay in, you should take every opportunity to ask questions. This will help you avoid any nasty surprises you might find in a listing you rushed right into renting. If you rent a furnished apartment that isn’t really up to snuff, you’ll end up with a lot of regrets. Asking questions will help you avoid that.

Every landlord or apartment owner that puts their property up for rent online is supposed to be able to answer any questions their prospective tenants might have. A good landlord should have no trouble explaining anything you find questionable. He or she should also be honest when it comes to telling you about the furnished apartment you’re thinking of renting.

Most say that the three aforementioned qualities are nearly impossible to find in a landlord. However, asking these essential questions about a furnished apartment will help you find the best one, not to mention the best landlord.

“What furniture is included in the apartment?”

One common issue that renters come across is that the supposedly “furnished” apartments they go for end up being a close-to-empty space. What’s more, some so-called furnished apartments will only have a couch, a dining table, and two flimsy chairs. The term “furnished” is a pretty loose one. It can be used as a descriptor as long as there are pieces of furniture and fixtures inside the space, regardless of their condition or number.

“Is the furniture included in the rent?”

Don’t be fooled by furnished apartments that are listed at really low prices. Most of them might suddenly take away the furniture once you hand over your advance and security deposit just because you were too hasty and didn’t ask questions or read the contract. By asking the landlord if the furniture is included in the rent, you will know if what you see is what you get, or if the furniture you saw in the apartment’s photos were just for show. Remember, you can never be too careful.

“Are accessories included?”

Asking this question will allow you to gauge exactly how much you’ll have to shell out to rent the apartment. Some furnished apartments might include necessities like vacuum cleaners, pots and pans, silverware, and a clothes iron, while others may not. A landlord’s answer to this question will make it easy for you to make a checklist of things you’ll have to buy.

“Which utilities are covered by the rent?”

An inquiry into what utility bills covered by the rental fee may also help you come up with an estimate as to how much this apartment will set you back. Most landlords will give you a price inclusive of water and electricity bills to give you a feeling of security, while others will give you a quote exclusive of such utilities. They do this so they will be able to put up their properties for rent at a lower cost.

“Do I have to add extra for the furniture?”
Some units will require you to fork over extra cash for a safety deposit that will be used in case you break or damage any of the furnishings and fixtures that come with your apartment. However, asking the owner about the deposit can be a jumping-off point to start negotiations, based on whether you can prove yourself to be a trustworthy tenant or not.

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