Benefits of Giving Birth in Canada: A Comprehensive Walkthrough

Giving Birth in Canada

Canada is one of the top destinations right now for the global diaspora, and there’s quite a lot of reasons for that. Primary to it being such a hotspot is the fact that Canada has an excellent benefits structure; social security and assistance packages further complement Canada’s overall outlook as a country with the most migration. The people, the climate and the multiculturality all make it a dream destination, and as such, there are many benefits of giving birth in Canada. Today, we’ll be looking at these benefits and, in the meanwhile, answer questions like does Canada give citizenship by birth and many more. 

While Canada does have a native population, it is rather overshadowed today by immigrants; that gives the Canadian skyline a lot of cultural diversity and takes the people away from being ostracised. It has become a space for everybody, which makes it the ideal location for many people. And once people get to know the benefits of giving birth in Canada, it becomes an even more lucrative and preferable option for many would-be parents. 

Let’s start with a breakdown of the benefits of giving birth in Canada, and then progress onto some common questions that get asked a lot. 

The benefits of giving birth in Canada

With a benefits plan as comprehensive as that of Canada’s, there are a lot of benefits of giving birth in Canada. The major ones are listed and discussed below. 

Child benefits

This includes monetary grants that help with the costs associated with child rearing and any associated expenses that might come up during the course of raising a child. Under the current laws and regulations with the Canadian Child Benefit, a new parent who has given birth in Canada is eligible to receive upto $6400 a year for their child. The law also makes it possible to continue receiving benefits as the children grow up; for any children below six years of age, the same amount may be received every year. Once the child enters the age bracket of 7 to 18, the payments continue at $5400 per annum, allowing you to have plenty of resources to ensure the child is brought up in an environment of plenty. The good part is that this amount is actually tax-free, which means the entirety of the amount will be deposited into your account, without any deductions at all. 

GST/ HST credit

Another one of the benefits of giving birth in Canada is the fact that having a kid makes the parent eligible for another sort of credit from the government. Called the GST/ HST credit, it makes the parent eligible to receive $147 per year, on top of the $560 quarterly payment made to ‘modest income households’, for every child that they have. This will further ensure that the children are raised while the parents are equipped with the means to support their needs; whether it be clothing, education or leisure, the children will have it all and the parents can rest easy, knowing that they can depend on the government.

Childhood disability benefits

Canada is an incredibly diverse and yet understanding and accommodating country, especially when it comes to the differently-abled. Should the child you choose to give birth in Canada be differently-abled, till they are 18 years of age, they will be eligible to receive Disability Tax Credit, which, in conjunction with the Child Disability Benefit and the Canadian Child Benefit, will pay out a hefty some monthly to ensure comfortable living and to cater to any expenses that might arise from the aforementioned disability. 

Low medical costs incurred

The Canadian government subsidises healthcare, and maternity is graded very high in their preference system. Which means that aside from receiving the best medical care from the top-rated medical facilities in the city of your residence, the treatment’s costs will be heavily subsidised, meaning that you will not have to pay out a lot just to give birth. Even if the costs are somehow too much for the parent to afford, they can always apply for benefits and use the amount to pay whatever bills they may have to pay. 

Let’s now look at some questions associated with the benefits of giving birth in Canada. 

Is giving birth free in Canada?

For residents and citizens or nationals, yes, giving birth in Canada is absolutely free. Their healthcare system is one of the best in the world, and medical procedures including the process of delivery does not incur any sort of charges on the parents. However, it is important to note here that non-residents or any tourists who might give birth while in Canada will have to pay a fee for having the baby in Canada. Even then, the costs, as mentioned beforehand, are heavily subsidised, so your payment won’t be too much; consider that with America and you will easily understand why the Canadian health system ranks so highly in the world. 

Does Canada give citizenship by birth?

Yes, absolutely. Canadian law requires that any person born on Canadian soil is immediately considered a Canadian citizen, making it one of the few Western countries to do so. As such, they will not have to go through the process of applying for Canadian citizenship or permanent residency. However, the same is not extended for the parent(s), since they will continue to hold their original citizenship by default. However, once this person has reached a certain age (under Canadian law, that age is 18), they will be allowed to sponsor their parent(s) for citizenship of Canada.   

Can I give birth in Canada as a tourist?

The rules and regulations for giving birth in Canada are very much lax, in comparison with other Western nations. According to the rules and regulations around tourists giving birth in Canada, yes, tourists are allowed to give birth in Canada, with the newborn immediately being granted Canadian citizenship by virtue of the Jus soli principle. 

What’s more, Canadian authorities are actually discouraged from turning away any would-be mothers from entering Canada. Even if medical documents indicate that childbirth may occur during their stay in Canada, immigration and airport officials will allow the tourist in the country. The benefits of giving birth in Canada are too lucrative to give up, and the people understand that, which is why Canada is one of the happiest places on the planet and has an excellent, multicultural population that makes life in Canada an absolutely rewarding experience. 

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*  Please note that this article does not constitute as medical and/or legal advice. Consult with a professional before making any decisions.

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