Best Concierge Services in Toronto


When you’re in a new city like Toronto and renting a furnished apartment or staying at a hotel, know which company is the Best Concierge in Toronto can help your stay a lot – some things like finding the best local pizza or easiest dry-cleaning service in your area are still time-consuming and frustrating. And because of your short time you don’t always have the luxury of doing the research, trying out places etc. There are a few concierge tools that can help, and they’re not all super-expensive (some are free!). Concierge services are traditionally seen as only for the ultra-wealthy but if you are in Toronto on a corporate stay, or short-term rental, this little bit of help can make your life a lot easier – this is why we have a list below of the best concierge in Toronto, and we focus on tech-oriented concierge services.

Here are a few that we like:

Magic: This one is really easy, you text the word ‘Magic’ to 83489 and they’ll send you a response within a few minutes – best of all, it’s free!

MyStewards: This company is a traditional concierge service, it’s based in Toronto and it’ll provide you with full personal service, ie, you are interacting with a person! The fee per month is $150 which honestly isn’t outrageous.

Our secret text concierge service for Toronto: This is a great, free text-based service that can give you information to anything local – we have tried it and their response-time is fast, and their information well-researched. We set this up for all our new clients to help them navigate Toronto easily. To find out who it is you can just contact us or book a place with us!

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