7 Best Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Toronto for a Dream Home

Are you looking to relocate to Toronto? By 2025,  Nearly 1.5 million immigrants are expected to come as they pursue the Canadian dream. Toronto, in particular, stands out as a multicultural hub. But even with all of the enthusiasm around the move, one crucial issue has to be answered: Which area is best for the family to live in Toronto? Navigating Toronto’s communities can be complex, especially for families with children. The search for the ideal balance of safety, facilities, and community spirit becomes a top priority.

This comprehensive guide has compiled the top 7 family-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto.

Toronto Neighbourhood Family

Top 7 Neighborhoods in Toronto

Our top 10 picks of family-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto promise more than simply a place to live. These are

  • Allenby
  • Don Mills
  • Riverdale
  • Deer Park
  • Bloor West Village
  • The Beaches
  • York Ville

1. Allenby

Allenby, a lively town, is renowned as one of Toronto’s most family-centric havens. What’s the catch? Given its popularity, finding a home here may prove difficult. But don’t worry; the benefits are well worth the effort.


Why is Allenby the Best Toronto Neighborhood?

Allenby is a neighborhood known for its prestigious educational institutions, including Allenby Public School, North Preparatory, and Marshall McLuhan Catholic School. It offers a nurturing environment with attractive homes and a Quaint vibe.

While Allenby’s rents are comparable to those in Downtown Toronto, ranging at $2,040 per month for an unfurnished one-bedroom home, the actual value is the range of older two- and three-bedroom units available. The investment here is not simply in homes but a community where families may thrive.

Are you concerned about your commute? Don’t worry; Allenby is only a 20-minute drive or a comfortable 35-40-minute transit ride from downtown Toronto. Buses running along Avenue Road and Eglinton Avenue link to Eglinton Station, your entry to the city’s bustling hub via the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line.

So, if you’ve been looking for a community where education, recreation, and accessibility all come together flawlessly, Allenby should be your priority.

2. Don Mills

The price for a detached property in Banbury-Don Mills is $2.7 million. The spirit of this area is found not just in lavish mansions but also in cost-effective, family-oriented condos perfect for young families.

Don Mills

Why is Don Mills the Best Toronto Neighborhood?

The vibrant CF Shops at Don Mills, a hub filled with appealing boutiques and eateries, is central to Don Mills. Fairview Mall, a short distance away, is enticed with its diversity of offers. The Aga Khan Museum provides a cultural touch, demonstrating that this area is more than simply houses—an experience sanctuary.

Don Mills has a particular suburban vibe, which is intriguing. While there are few rental possibilities in the area, it makes up for it with an abundance of neighboring schools. Three Montessori schools and a Catholic school serve the educational requirements of elementary-aged children, providing parents with various options.

The Shops at Don Mills and other surrounding shopping locations provide every family’s everyday needs. Don Mills develops as a complete neighborhood that effortlessly incorporates convenience into the fabric of everyday life, from retail to education.

Concerned about Your commute? Don Mills appeals to people looking for the ideal city-suburb blend. Because of its closeness to the interstate, it assures smooth morning travels, making the daily grind a breeze.

It’s not only the houses; it’s the sense of community, the variety of educational opportunities, and the ease with which daily life unfolds.

3. Riverdale

Let’s explore North Riverdale, an enticing Toronto area with unique offerings. North Riverdale, located near the city center and expressways, provides an ideal balance of accessibility and greenery. The area is more than simply stunning Victorian-style houses; it’s also a refuge for families looking for exciting activities. Greektown, a North Riverdale treasure, offers the Taste of Danforth, a festival of many foods, every year.


Why is Riverdale the Best Toronto Neighborhood?

Every possible activity for youngsters is within walking distance in this town. Imagine walking your children to school, grabbing coffee, and effortlessly combining fitness, shopping, and family outings—all on foot. The local charm and abundance of greenery make an exquisite backdrop, each street exuding its distinct charm.

Moreover, Riverdale has an excellent educational system, including academic mainstays such as Withrow Avenue Junior Public Educational, Montcrest School, and Riverdale Collegiate Institute. Riverdale Park has a variety of recreational venues, including baseball diamonds, an outdoor ice skating rink, and a children’s play area, in addition to schools.

Are you concerned about rising housing costs? While a semi-detached property could be priced at $1.69 million, a reasonable option is just steps away in South Riverdale. Detached homes cost an average of $1.8 million, while semi-detached homes cost $1.3 million—a good option that does not compromise the spirit of Riverdale living.

Concerned about your commute? Despite its quiet streets, Riverdale is surprisingly close to Downtown, only a 15-20 minute car or public transportation journey away. The Pape and Chester stations, which have lines to the city center, provide an easy commute. So, if you’re seeking a neighborhood where community, activities, and accessibility are seamlessly linked, North Riverdale is calling.

4. Deer Park

Deer Park is a wealthy refuge ideal for families with a taste for refinement. It’s a community defined by well-kept, big houses, making it a perfect location for people with well-lined money. Deer Park may not be the best hunting place if you are looking for a cost-effective Toronto neighborhood. The true essence lies in ownership, as this neighborhood exemplifies grandeur and security.

Deer Park

Why is DeerPark the Best Toronto Neighborhood?

Shift your focus to the south, and you’ll find yourself in the vibrant embrace of Yonge-St. Clair. This busy junction is a microcosm of life in Toronto’s core, pulsing with commerce, entertainment, and a flourishing business sector. Yonge-St. Clair has excellent schools in the area, including the famed Upper Canada College. David A. Balfour Park and Oriole Park appear as green havens amidst the midtown concrete jungle, offering nearly 20 hectares of decompression room. Consider a stroll through a flower garden, the peace of the Rosehill reservoir, and the calming sounds of a waterfall—all within walking distance.

Housing options in this area range from historic detached houses to modern townhouses, ensuring something for everyone. The average price for detached houses in Yonge-St. Clair in Q4 2022 was $3,137,000, while condominiums averaged $1,379,000. If you’re searching for a neighborhood that perfectly blends luxury and urban bustle, Deer Park is Toronto’s best family-friendly neighborhood.

5. Bloor-West Village

Bloor West, sometimes labeled suburbia, fulfills the right blend between the quiet of a neighborhood atmosphere with various stores, cafés, and restaurants.

Bloor West Village

Why is Bloor West the Best Toronto Neighborhood?

Bloor West is a family-friendly paradise that checks all the boxes—a safe environment, outstanding schools, and enough space for outdoor play. This area, located west of Downtown and bordered by the enormous High Park, has tree-lined streets and a historic charm that appeals to families looking for a tranquil sanctuary.

With Easy access to the TTC Bloor-Danforth line, accessibility is a crucial feature. Bloor Street is only a few feet away and is a retail hub with over 400 stores, restaurants, and services. The average detached house price in September 2020 in this neighborhood was $1,936,368, while semi-detached houses cost $1,546,429, making it a convenient yet premium community.

Bloor West Village values education, as seen by its nine public schools serving children of all ages. King George Junior Public School, Rockcliffe Middle School, and Humberside Collegiate Institute bolster the neighborhood’s educational strength. Bloor West’s recreational pulse is High Park, with its extensive network of paths, sports facilities, and lakeside picnic spaces.

If you’re worried about commuting, don’t be. The Bloor subway line, with neighboring Runnymede and Jane stations, offers a quick 25-minute trip downtown. Alternatively, a lovely 20-30 minute drive to the city center is available. Bloor West Village is a solution if you’re looking for a neighborhood that seamlessly blends the allure of suburbia with the vibrancy of city life.

6. The Beaches

This east-end neighborhood is known for its safety and offers a calm retreat for families.

Why is Beaches the Best Toronto Neighborhood?

The Beaches has a distinct charm because of its beaches, picturesque promenade, and close-knit community. Its low crime record demonstrates that safety is a priority here, making it a popular choice for families looking for a safe environment for their children in Toronto.

The Beaches

Easy access to the Gardiner and Lakeshore expressways are available. A streetcar trip will take you to the city center. The Beaches thrives on community spirit, organizing yearly events like the Christmas Tree and Menorah Lighting Festival and the Jazz Festival.

Education is a priority, with thirteen public schools serving families. Williamson Road Junior Public School, Balmy Beach Community School, and Riverdale Collegiate Institute all contribute to the academic landscape of the community. Eleven parks and leisure facilities, most located along the shoreline, contribute to the area’s family-friendly appeal.

While the average property price may appear high, the opulent residences along the boardwalk impact it. However, houses farther from the boardwalk are likely to be less expensive. Concerned about your rent? Not to worry. The Beaches align with, if not below, Toronto’s citywide norms. The rent for an unfurnished one-bedroom flat is $1,775 monthly, making it affordable without sacrificing the neighborhood’s charm.

Worried about your commute? The Beaches, located south of East York on Toronto’s eastern edge, is surprisingly near to the city core. Residents can reach Downtown Toronto in around 20 minutes by automobile or 45-55 minutes by train/bus, providing convenient access to the city’s center.

So, if you’re looking for a neighborhood that flawlessly integrates safety, affordability, and a strong feeling of community, look no further.

7. York Ville

Let’s go to Yorkville, an upscale neighborhood in downtown Toronto that represents safety and abundance. Yorkville, one of the city’s safest neighborhoods, entices with a low crime rate and immaculately kept surroundings. Luxury is linked with the lifestyle here—residential houses, high-end condominiums, expensive stores, fine dining restaurants, and art galleries weave a complex tapestry. The streets are built for pedestrians, creating a bustling ambiance that reflects the affluent nature of the area.

York Ville

Yorkville is one of Toronto’s most desirable districts, thanks to its ideal location, gorgeous architecture, and first-rate facilities. Its attractiveness extends beyond inhabitants, enticing visitors seeking a unique urban living experience.

Is Yorkville a Good Area to Live?

Absolutely. This area is a visual and sensory feast, with high-end shops, elegant restaurants, and stunning residences. It’s no wonder Yorkville is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Toronto. Yorkville Community has 9 schools. So, if you want to live in an area where safety, luxury, and education all come together smoothly, Yorkville is the place to be.

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