Best Restaurants in Toronto

best restaurants in Toronto

Whether it’s fine dining or just a quick bite to eat that some of the best chefs and food vloggers may swear by, the list of eateries in Canada, especially Toronto, given its extremely diverse culture and influx of people with all sorts of culinary skills, is a melting pot of tastes. Visiting Toronto, one of the things that stands out is the culinary landscape of the city, and it is this reason why we’ve compiled the list of some of the best restaurants in Toronto that will give your fast food-weary palate and tongue a new burst of flavours, textures and tastes that will make you say fabuleux!

This list is certainly not exhaustive; Toronto, being a big metropolitan city, has all sorts of gourmet delights sprinkled across its cityscape. There will always be a little eatery, a small café or a small delicatessen that serves the best sandwich, the best soup or authentic pasta in a small nook, tucked to the side of a busy intersection, undiscovered by many. This is why we’ll focus on the ratings and instead, walk you through the biggest and most sensational food spots that Toronto has to offer for the gastro-wanderer.

The best restaurants in Toronto: a list

The following is a list of some of the best restaurants in Toronto that will leave your stomach wanting more and your taste buds absolutely awash with the sensation of spice, heat and taste that is simply characteristic of Toronto as a city. 

Alo Restaurant

Starting off the list with the crème de la crème, we have the restaurant that is on every foodie’s top spot and has consistently been ranked as Toronto’s face when it comes to the culinary delights of the city. A project of chef Patrick Kriss, the menu features French cuisine infused with Kriss’ genius that results in some spectacular-looking and equally good tasting dishes that change across the year and is rotated with the seasons to give customers the best of seasonal vegetables and delights. However, their piece de resistance, which is available year-round, is the 30-day dry-aged rack of lamb that is just a sensory overload for your mouth. 

Gusto 101

Italian and French cuisine will dominate this list, so get ready for the first Italian place that does the amazing cuisine justice. For beginners, Gusto 101 isn’t really Italian per se, its Southern Italian, which is characterized by its emphasis on spices and using sauces a little more heartily. Grilled entrees are one of their fan-favourites, as are their renditions of dishes like their cacio e pepe. Gusto 101 is one of the highest-ranked restaurants in Toronto, and the fact that the building is a repurposed auto body shop makes it all the more authentic and original. Get it? Italian cuisine, Italian cars, the whole shtick. It’s definitely a must-try. 

Bar Raval

The first and quite possibly the only Spanish entry on the list, Bar Raval is the go-to place for some incredible tapas and pintxos. That is, if you can get a table there. Since the food is almost legendary and in a league of its own, the place is always packed, and part of the reason why its so packed is because of the décor and the ambiance, which looks like something plucked straight out of a café in Barcelona. For the ultimate Bar Raval experience though, start with their house-smoked mussels and chase them down with pancetta and rhubarb for an authentic Spanish meal that will cleanse the taste of the last Big Mac right off your tongue. 

Seven Lives

Seven Lives provides for an authentic Mexican experience: from the décor and the ambiance of the restaurant to their tacos. Actually, we like to think of Seven Lives as essentially a taco place; while that’s certainly not meant as disrespect to their other items, the fact is that their tacos are simply out of this world. And they have a selection of tacos as well, so it’s not like you’ll get addicted to just the one taco. From birria tacos to seafood tacos with soft and hard shells, Seven Lives is named appropriately because you would need approximately seven lifetimes to fill your gut with your choosing of tacos to your contentment. 


The second Italian joint on this list, Giulietta is as sensual a restaurant experience as the name is! However, don’t think that since the name is Italian, the food is going to be your typical, run-of-the-mill pastas and Italian dishes. No sir! Guilietta specializes in handcrafted pastas; that alone is a real nice touch and elevates your dinign experience to a whole new level. On the flip side of things, if you want a pizza that’s not Domino’s or Little Ceasar’s, give pizza the Giulietta twist and try out their wood-fired pizzas. The namesake of the restaurant is the ultimate in pizzas, covered with pistachios, lardo, cream and smoked scamorza. Molte grazie to the chef!

Famiglia Baldassarre

On par with Giulietta is the Famiglia Baldassarre, however, comparing the two would be wrong since Famiglia Baldassarre is more like a factory for homemade pasta, and on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, the pasta deliveries to Toronto’s high-end restauarants stop and they spread out a lunch counter full of the most amazing pastas you’ll ever have. If you manage to get a spot (which is difficult since patrons line up for blocks), check out their cavatelli with broccoli rabe, or cavatelli with their homemade sausage. The fact that they offer lunch for three days will make you want to thank the genius who came up with this idea profusely, and Famiglia Baldassarre will forever rest on the highest pedestal for lunch spots in Toronto. 

Scaramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar & Grill

One of the classiest options on this list, you might have to break out the dinner jacket for this one. Scaramouche is known widely for their philosophy of ethical sourcing, as well as civic engagements with the community. Sustainable practices include their sourcing of British Columbia caviar and the Ontario AAA beef. Since the place is very upclass, people mostly come here for important milestone and events, but with the waitstaff and the overall ambiance of the restaurant, the theme is classy and quiet, and not of loudly complimenting the chef for their incredible skill. 

Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen

Jerk chicken is to Jamaica as pizza is to Naples or Italy; its quintessential. And at Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen, its best to stick to the jerk chicken for the ultimate chicken experience. Each chicken is first brined for 24 hours, dry-rubbed with their in-house rub, laced and garnished with scotch bonnet pepper and then barbecued over maple wood. The whole process makes for some truly delightful jerk chicken, and that’s not all. To combat the heat that the jerk chicken will bring, try out their passion fruit and coconut cream pie, and that whole affair will be like an explosion of flavour for the tongue. For some of us, its simply too much but nobody’s complaining!

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