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For our list of the best Toronto restaurants 2016 we focus on design – we want to show you the most well-designed interiors that Toronto restaurants have to offer – why? Because we aren’t food critics and won’t pretend to be – what we do know a thing or two about is interiors with great aesthetic that gels together and brings you a space with a feeling and character. So here is our list of the best Toronto restaurants 2016..ranked for  design.

Our top pick is Bar Raval – it gives you the feeling you may actually be walking down the Raval in Barcelona, looking up at the Gaudi wonders – the woodwork in this bar is out of this world and has a flow that makes you forget you’re in Toronto. This is probably one of the most unique interior spaces for a bar or restaurant in Toronto. They actually captured the feel of Gaudi and Barcelona so well, and on top of that the high quality of the work is so clear. Too many independent bars and restaurants in this city decide to go on the cheap side when it comes to their design, but you can see how this can be such a huge factor in drawing crowds, and to really raise your brand awareness. It’s an investment in your business after all.

Carbon Bar – this space is enormous, spacious and really well laid-out – it reminds us of Manhattan restaurants with the overly high ceilings. The high ceilings give the place such a nice open feel, when you walk in you notice it right away, and it gives you a feel that’s different for a Toronto restaurant – there just aren’t many spaces like this in the city. The design touches like the ELECTRIC sign or the long hanging sphere lights, are extra elements that make its atmosphere unique.

 Colette Grand Cafe –  No it’s not the uber-cool Rue St Honoré shop, but it IS an example of how you can achieve some sort of a well-designed space that gives you a good vibe when you have an extraordinary amount of money to spend on a restaurant. The good news is that from our 650 King Furnished Rental you can hop on over to this restaurant for a quick drink and croque monsieur anytime! The feel and atmosphere of this restaurant wasn’t exactly French or Parisian to us, it felt more like we were in Miami..the crowd was loud, preppy and boisterous and the decor was more on the Miami hotel lobby side, rather than a Paris cafe or brasserie.

Bar Isabel – we love this place and its interior, it’s cozy but has a lot of nice design elements – the curved ceiling edges alone are a great touch – definitely worth a visit. Another great interior that along with its fantastic food and drinks combines into an energetic, eclectic and cozy atmosphere that makes you want to stay around for an extra drink and just hang out. Enough has clearly been written about their amazing food, but the simple elements in their design are also what make this restaurant part of this list.

 R&D – the light installation is unique and works so well in this space, so do the Chinese murals and aged wooden columns – it has character and we love it – not only that, but it’s also a 2-minute walk from our 23 Brant Furnished Apartment! Chinatown has long had its share of late-night eateries that are either very traditional, or with zero thought put into their design – their food is always great, but sitting in a restaurant that provides a cool ambience that is rare. Looks like the new generation is taking their offering to a new level and adding design elements that are bold, cool and fun.

Via Vai – The huge space, splatter paint, 45-foot ceilings and the enormous window facade made this restaurant onto the list. While the space can seem too much like a new condo-lobby (which it sort of is), the splatter design element is something that they chose very well – they focused on a few pieces and made them the focal point of the restaurant design. The rest of the space is bare and pretty monotone, which again makes the marble splatter wall the overwhelming focus on this space.

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