Buy a Short Term Rental Property in Toronto

Real estate investment made easy

Are you considering real estate investment in Toronto but struggling to make the math work? We understand that investing in Toronto’s real estate can be a daunting prospect, given the high prices and mortgage payments relative to long-term rental returns. However, we have an exciting proposition for you – buying a short-term enabled property.

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Benefits of short-term rentals

Short-term rentals are available in various shapes and sizes. Some buildings allow less than 28-day rentals, while others permit only monthly rentals. During our consultation call, we will guide you through the various options, risks, rewards, and returns associated with short-term rentals. By the end of the call, we will schedule you with a professional realtor from our network, who will help you find suitable short-term rental properties. We will assist you every step of the way, from pre-purchase to when your last short-term tenant moves out.

A process that enables
systematic success

How we help you locate and invest in the right short-term rental property.


Locating the Right Building

To maximize your investment returns, only select buildings in Toronto allow monthly executive rentals. Our experienced team will begin locating for-sale properties in those select buildings, and we will chime in with the profitability analysis of each option.


The Pros of Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rentals, on the other hand, offer several advantages, including full control over your property, higher rental returns, eviction being never an issue, and if managed correctly, a stable cash flow similar to long-term rentals.


The Cons of Long-Term Rentals

Despite being a tried and tested way of real estate investment, long-term rentals have their fair share of drawbacks. These include tenant-favoring regulations, limited rent rate increase set by the city, and the difficulty in evicting a long-term tenant or selling a unit with a long-term tenant.

Can Toronto Boutique
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Your Property?

We will connect you with one of our trusted sales agents. Once you purchase a property, we would be happy to manage it for you as a furnished rental.

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