Choosing the Right Short-Term Rental for Your Needs: Studio vs 1-Bed

Studio vs 1 Bed Apartment

When in the big city, the major determinant for where and how you will live is going to be the finances. Most people living alone prefer either a studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment; this arrangement has all the benefits they need from living in the big city and allows them to not get themselves in a really uncomfortable situation financially. In this blog post, we’ll look at the factors that will help you choose the right short-term rental: whether it’s a studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment. Here is all you need to know about apartment rentals in Toronto based on your requirements. 

But first, let us clear the air on the matter. There are many misconceptions between understanding the differences between a studio and one-bedroom apartment. Is there even a difference between the two? Let’s start by distinguishing the two options and then we’ll proceed onto choosing the right studio apartment rental or one-bedroom apartment rentals in Toronto. 

Studio vs One-Bedroom Apartment: The Difference

Oftentimes, people mistake the two for being the same thing essentially. However, that is not the case; studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments are different from each other. Let’s understand the difference between the two. 

To understand the difference between studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments, understand both the intent behind the construction and the type of construction itself. A studio apartment is essentially a big singular room within the apartment that is supposed to be used as everything; from bedroom to a living room or your lounge, there are no partitions or walls in a studio apartment except for the washroom, which is obviously separate and sequestered. The kitchen in a studio apartment may or may not have a wall but is usually just present with a partition. This singular giant room serves as everything you could possibly need from a studio apartment. 

On the other hand, a one-bedroom apartment is much more organized, with clear divisions between the different rooms within the apartment. Walls are erected and clearly define rooms; bedroom, lounge, dining area, drawing or living room, all are well-defined and are separated by walls. This allows for a greater and much better living experience within the apartment, and a one-bedroom apartment is the most common choice for couples or single individuals looking for an inexpensive mode of residence in a big city like Toronto. 

The difference, therefore, is of compartmentalization; students or bachelors can make do with a studio apartment since their requirements match those of a studio apartment. On the other hand, couples living together have to have a one-bedroom apartment, since the compartmentalization of rooms within the apartment makes living a lot easier than any other arrangement. 

Now, let’s understand how you can choose the right short-term rental as per your requirements. 

Choosing the Right Short-Term Rental: Studio or One-Bed Apartment

So, which is more suitable for your requirements? Well, that primarily depends on what your requirements are. Let’s look at the factors that will help you determine which option might be better for you. 


Size will be the major determinant in your decision-making process. For people not worried or concerned about the size issue, a studio apartment is usually the best choice. That is because of two reasons: one, studio apartments in cities like Toronto, New York, and other metropolitans are usually smaller than a one-bedroom apartment. Secondly, the usable space and the living experience of a one-bedroom apartment trumps that of a studio apartment. Which means that for people looking for space, a one-bedroom apartment is the best option. If you are a bachelor looking for an inexpensive way around the city of Toronto, and space isn’t much of a concern, your best option is to go for a studio apartment, since a comparable one-bedroom apartment will cost more. 


The second most important factor will be simply, what you can and what you cant afford. As explained beforehand, living in a city like Toronto can run you a pretty penny; in fact, Toronto and other metropolitan cities are currently going through a cost-of-living crisis that has seen inflation make living rather difficult. This means that for people looking to save some money, a studio apartment has less space and therefore costs less than renting a one-bedroom apartment. In many cities like Toronto, comparable studio and one-bedroom apartments differ in pricing, with studio apartments being the more financially feasible choice since they cost less. If pricing is an issue, we’d suggest going with the studio apartment. If space and size is paramount, a one-bedroom apartment will be the better choice. 

Privacy, Lifestyle Choices

The main difference between the two is of compartmentalization. This means that in a studio apartment, privacy isn’t a concept at all, since there are no walls dividing your living quarters from your bedroom, or from your lounge or dining area. For people with roommates or houseguests, this arrangement isn’t good at all since privacy concerns are genuinely not a thing. On the other hand, a one-bedroom apartment and its conventional layout makes for a privacy-focused living area, where your bedroom is essentially cordoned off from the rest of the rooms and you can have a much more privacy-focused living. Therefore, your consideration in this matter will also play an important role in helping you make your decision: if you plan on having a roommate or guests, go with the one-bedroom apartment as you will get your privacy. If privacy isn’t a concern, a studio apartment will be just fine. 

Maintenance, upkeep Considerations

Lastly, we have another major factor that can help you choose between studio apartment rentals and a one-bedroom apartment rental. Obviously, with a place like this, maintenance and upkeep are a considerable expense. Whether you choose to go with a housekeeper or want to do it by yourself, the maintenance considerations for both are very different. Again, a one-bedroom apartment rental will have an inflated cost of maintenance, whether its with utilities or without utilities. On the other hand, a studio apartment is much more budget-friendly, since its essentially just one big room with no extra compartments or walls. Again, this consideration ties in with the financial considerations; if you can spend more, the one-bedroom apartment offers more space and usability, whereas your lifestyle choices and your financial considerations can also allow you to go with the studio apartment. 

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