Cooling an Apartment without AC: The Best Ways to Beat the Heat

Cooling an Apartment without AC

With energy prices going haywire across the world, keeping your apartment cool during the sweltering heat means paying the price when the utilities come in. It’s down to the point where choosing between the heat and paying too much for your electricity bill is getting to be a hard choice, and many people have to just live with the heat in order not to get hit with inflated bills. However, help is at hand with these tips on cooling an apartment without AC and beating the heat without having to pay for it. 

Let’s look at the best ways of keeping an apartment cool without AC. 

Cooling an apartment without AC: the rundown

If your apartment feels incredibly hot and uncomfortable in the light of recent heat waves, and you don’t want to turn on the AC either, we have some tips for you that can be followed to cool down and beat the heat. Starting with, 

  • Use pedestal fans

While ceiling fans are fine too, during extremely hot weather, ceiling fans start belching out warm air, and in some cases, can make the room or the apartment entirely unbearable, to the point where you might want to take a bath. This is because warm air rises up, and when it rises, it gets to the ceiling fan, where it gets rotated downwards again. The easy solution? Use a pedestal or standing fan. These will provide much better cooling and will also blow air directly on you, keeping you cool even during the harshest weather. 

  • Draw the curtains during daytime

Your apartment can trap warm air and sunlight to really heat up. During summers, this can become very unbearable, which means that to keep the heat out, your windows need to be shut, and the curtains drawn to ensure no heat gets in. But there’s an art to doing this: if you have windows in your apartments that face each other across the room, which is usually not the case, then you need to keep those two opened since they allow for cross-ventilation, which may prove extremely useful in keeping your apartment cool even during the hottest summer days. 

  • Use chilled water/ ice in front of fan

Using a pedestal fan is all good, but what if you could spruce it up even more for those July days that don’t seem to end? Well, a good trick is to place a bowl of chilled water or ice in front of the fan. This will cool down the air by a lot, and with the fan blowing air right at you, not only will you feel the fresh breeze, but the entire room will feel a lot better in a short amount of time, considering you have enough water or ice to chill down an entire room. It’s definitely better than an AC in the sense that you don’t end up with inflated bills. 

  • Switch out regular bulbs/ lights for LEDs

Regular incandescent lights and filament bulbs generate a considerable amount of heat. During nighttime, when you want a break from the heat but lighting is also imperative, you might end up in a situation where the bright lights might contribute to the overall temperature of the room. For that reason, and because LEDs are cooler both literally and figuratively, switch out your regular lights and bulbs for LEDs. You might not notice the difference, but during hotter nights, you most definitely will, as the room will be better. 

  • Try to use light colors throughout the apartment

Light colors reflect light, whereas dark colors absorb it. Think of a black car that heats up more than a white car, or for that matter, any light-colored car is a lot cooler than a dark-colored one. The same logic applies here: if your décor and walls are painted a dark color, you will notice and feel more warmth emitting from it, which is a big no-no during the summer. You might wear a light-colored shirt during the summer to keep cool; similarly, to keep your apartment cool, your décor and paint should be light to keep the heat out and the temperature down at all times. 

  • Try other alternatives to an AC

Not having an air conditioner does not mean that you have to suffer. There are many other alternatives to ACs, and several of them are inexpensive and won’t run your bill to the sky. One of them is a portable AC, which is like your own small personal AC, good enough for a single person. What makes portable ACs a good proposition is the fact that they don’t consume much power and pack quite a punch for their size, so using a portable AC might help keep you cool and if operated long enough, will also cool down the room by a lot, so you can spend your time in your apartment in peace and not sweat. 

  • Use a small swamp cooler

Swamp coolers are getting really popular, especially in places like Florida and California, where the energy prices really make you think twice before switching on the AC. Swamp coolers use water to cool down the room and bring down the temperature by a lot. Just keep a steady supply of water for the fan, and it will cool down the room, no matter the size. However, there is a drawback to using swamp coolers. Since they use water to cool down the surroundings, if you live in a humid place, the swamp cooler will have the opposite effect and might end up making the apartment even more unbearable. 

  • Look for cooler sheets, bedding options, upholstery

The goal is not to chill the apartment and make it into the North Pole, the goal is to make it bearable and easy to stay in the apartment after a hot day of eating dust. For that effect, without using an AC, the one thing you can do is swap out your heavy and heat-containing sheets, bedding, drapes, and upholstery in general for cooler shades, cooler colors, and light, breathable materials. This will help you sleep easy and cool, help make the apartment feel a lot cooler, and for when the day is swelteringly hot, the lighter colors and shades, in working with the light upholstery, will help cool down the apartment a lot faster during nighttime. No turning on the AC and then waiting for the dreaded electricity bill. 

The bottom line

As stated beforehand, if you can’t afford an AC, its no big deal. There are other ways to keep you and your apartment cool, and even during the hottest months of June and July, you can make sure that your apartment stays cool and when you return to it during the evening, you are guaranteed a peaceful night of sleep without sweating excessively. Follow these tips, and you won’t have heating problems with your apartment again. 

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