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2-bed apartment

Just because you have a two-bedroom apartment does not mean that you shouldn’t live in style. In fact, stylish 2-bedroom apartment design ideas are some of the most creative ones out there, and if you want interior décor ideas or just plain styling tips for your two-bedroom apartment, you’d be surprised by the sheer scale of aesthetically pleasing ideas that can adorn your apartment. Let’s look at some of the best design ideas for 2-bedroom apartments that will make even the most talented interior designer go ‘WOW’.

Whether you like your interior to be modern-minimalist or want some old-school flannel and colours, this guide will help you bring out the best of your 2-bedroom apartment. Style is subjective, but design is always objective, so, let’s have some design ideas that will take your two-bedroom apartment to a whole new level. 

Let’s start with some stylish 2-bedroom apartment design ideas. 

Two-bedroom apartment: stylish design ideas

Let’s look at some design tips and ideas to help transform that two-bedroom apartment into a truly unique and luxurious homespace complete with beautiful designs, elegant fixtures, and aesthetically appealing layout ideas. Let’s get started. 

  • Small size, big décor

One of the first things to keep in mind: if you want your two-bedroom apartment to look good, you need to think big. Just because the space you have is small certainly does not mean that your décor, your furniture and your ideas should correspond to the size of the apartment. No, instead, what you can do is try and inculcate the design idea of ‘bigger is better’ wherever possible. Instead of small artwork, go for big palettes or big art pieces. Small living room does not mean that the furniture needs to be small as well. That big coffee table will not only look really stylish in the living room, but will become the centre of attention. Adorn it with some decorative pieces and watch that room turn into the star of the apartment. 

  • Try ‘floating’ art

We’re not asking you to do some voodoo magic to actually float your giant art pieces. However, in an apartment, especially a two-bedroom one, walls are rather small and regular techniques just don’t do it anymore. What a leading interior designer has cooked up is absolutely brilliant: suspend your artwork from the ceiling using transparent suspenders but keep it near the wall. This will make it appear that the art piece is floating without actually taking up space on the wall, and the better the painting is, the better it will look floating in the air. For some reason, pictures of big paintings in small apartments with contrast colouring really look beautiful and convey a sense of good aesthetic. Try it out for your two-bedroom apartment and you won’t be disappointed. 

  • Use glass partitioners to divide rooms

While many may argue that dividing up rooms in a two-bedroom apartment would congest it up even further, that’s not the intent here. Since we’re talking about glass dividers, the perception of the room will stay the same i.e. big, all the while dividing it up and allowing for a certain level of multi-use from the singular room. It will also look very classy; since many homes and apartments make do with wooden doors, these glass partitions will look unique, provide a certain level of privacy (if you go with tinted glass) and will also allow you to decorate that partition as well, giving the room even more beautification. The possibilities are endless with a glass partition, and there is no better place to put up a glass partition than a two-bedroom apartment. 

  • Beautify your windows

Windows in houses and other apartments are usually not given much attention to. The thinking is that since the view outside is usually good enough, there’s not much needed in front of the window. However, apartments are usually constructed in a manner where the windows usually stick out; and this gives you a unique opportunity to beautify your windows, get really creative with them. You can use the radiator space behind the window (if your apartment has one) as a makeshift sofa; adorn it with some beautiful sheets and some throw pillows to make it your ideal coffee spot or the perfect place to have a lazy Sunday breakfast, staring at the city outside. The design ideas with windows present a lot of really creative beautification opportunities and you can get it only in a two-bedroom apartment. 

  • Keep paint colour consistent throughout the apartment

This one might be up to certain tastes, but hear it out, since it has some merits. So, in a regular house, different rooms have different paints, and this really looks good and adds to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the house. However, since we have under discussion a two-bedroom apartment, the space will really become an issue. As such, a kaleidoscope of colours isn’t really appealing; in fact, it might end up looking like a jumble of mismatched colours. So, to get past that, try to get a colour and tone that matches your lifestyle, and ensure that the complete apartment adorns that colour. That consistency would not only look beautiful but would also elevate the décor, along with any theme you might have got going throughout the apartment. 

  • Do inculcate a den/ working space

With a den or a working space, you will have lots of creativity in designing and decorating your workspace, and that could become a zone of the apartment in itself. Even if you don’t work at home and only want to relax, think of it as your entertainment zone where you step in to kick back, watch a movie. Install a flatscreen TV in your working space/ den and double it as a living room offshoot, so to speak; where you can watch movies with your friends or just cuddle up with someone over Netflix. ‘Multipurpose space’ seems to be the theme throughout this two-bedroom apartment guide, and the more you integrate different things into one small beautiful setting or package, the more space you will have and the more beautiful your outlook will be. 

  • Good furniture, good décor

Again, invest in some good furniture and some high-quality décor and your two-bedroom apartment will be elevated to the next level. Skimping out on furniture and décor will only serve to drag the place down, and these are two items where the more you spend, you will have better looking and excellent quality things. And they will really set the tone of the entire apartment. Skimp out and you will have a very ‘broke’ ambience throughout the apartment. Get quality furniture and décor and the whole apartment will look really special and elegant. 

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