Your Dream DIY Apartment Customization: 10 Tips and Tricks

DIY Apartments

Are you tired of looking at your apartment’s bland walls and boring decor? Listen closely; here’s the trick- try DIY apartment customization!

Changing your rental apartment’s look needs to be given more thought. Living in a rental apartment and adhering to all the rules can make it a real challenge to make any desired changes. Furthermore, no one is willing to part with their deposit due to unapproved DIY apartment customizations. So what to do? Make temporary changes and enjoy! Read below for some of the best DIY apartment customization tips you can easily undo.

DIY Apartment Customization Made Easy: Follow the Tricks

Use peel-off wallpaper:

This one is our favorite. For a long time, people have been associating wallpaper with a long-term renovation that can’t be changed for years. But, in recent years, people have ditched the old boring walls by introducing removable wallpaper, which is safe for walls and may give your property an immediate makeover. All you have to do is find a removable wallpaper that fits your style and adds a new touch to your property. This is one of the most outstanding DIY apartment customization hacks since it will transform the place from a temporary dwelling to a peaceful home.

Use peel-off wallpaper

Add a temporary backsplash:

Consider installing a temporary backsplash to revamp your kitchen or bathroom space without breaking the bank. For example, you may achieve the appearance of a classic white tile backsplash in the kitchen by adding peel-off decals without the hassle of a permanent installation of tiles. The makeshift backsplash can serve a dual purpose: enhancing your desired space’s aesthetic while shielding walls from accidental spills.

Add a temporary backsplash

Add smart LED lights:

Try going smart with things that will make a significant impact! If you aren’t quite ready to replace the whole setup of your rental apartment, consider installing smart LEDs as replacement bulbs for your current light fixtures. These lights are not only energy-saving than regular bulbs, but they are also compatible with voice-activated assistants like Google to make your space look and feel classy.

Add smart LED lights


Use floating shelves:

Do you need space but can’t compromise on the existing floor area? It would help if you considered floating shelves. Installing little floating shelves instead of nightstands is one of the most original and fashionable alternatives to maximizing your space. Floating shelves are an innovative method of creating more space, keeping things organized, and creating the illusion of more space while adding a touch of contemporary style. These floating shelves are simple to construct and install, making them affordable.

Use floating shelves

Invest in multipurpose furniture:

When making the most of your limited square footage, a cramped apartment may be a headache. Fortunately, utilizing multi-functional furniture can be a lifesaver. For example, a sofa that doubles as a bed or a desk that doubles as a meal table. Items such as these enhance the functionality of your apartment and create more space for you to customize the apartment in ways you like.

Invest in multipurpose furniture

Choose wall art:

The ability of art to personalize a room is something you should never take for granted. Shop for designs and pieces that express your personality and artfully arrange them throughout to make it seem more like home. The best part? Wall artwork is a fantastic decorative item that doesn’t occupy your floor space. You can decorate your walls with design and color without worrying about taking up too much room in your small apartment.

Choose wall art

Cover floors with peel-off tiles:

We can relate to the standard dull flooring of your rental apartment. If your floors are old and worn out, or your builder has used the most boring colors on the market, you may easily change them using peel-off tiles. Always clean away your old floor before applying the peel-and-stick tiles. Take measurements and stick with precision. Also, make paper templates for areas that won’t stick, then try installing the tile.

Cover floors with peel-off tiles

Do some textile revamping:

If you wish to change your apartment’s aesthetic, there is so much you can do. Curtains, pillows, and shaggy rugs are great ways to DIY apartment customization, as these additions may manifest a sense of warmth and peace. Whatever your style statement is, either boho, minimalist, or elegant, pick fabrics and patterns that reflect the design. You can easily add depth by layering various pieces and blending textures.

Do some textile revamping

Add plants:

Take DIY apartment customization to a new level by bringing nature indoors with many houseplants that do more than brighten up a room; they also purify the air and offer a calming sensation. Standard DIY practices include hanging plant holders and filling recycled containers with flowers. Moreover, we suggest you consider vertical gardens if you need more floor space.

Add plants

Upgrade technology:

Invest in smart home technologies to simplify your life and improve your apartment’s aesthetics. Connect your home to the internet and set up smartphone-controlled television, lights, and more. Through DIY apartment customization, you can maintain a fashionable and practical home with the help of multipurpose devices like wireless charging areas and voice-control assistants.

Upgrade technology

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Your apartment should be a place to sleep and a welcoming space to unwind and relax. DIY apartment customization tips allow you to transform any ordinary place into a paradise. Roll up your sleeves, let your creativity run wild, and start personalizing! But wait. We suggest discussing this with your landlord before making changes to the rental apartment. Also, go through the lease terms to keep yourself safe. However, if nothing stops you, use our guide and bring out the creative version of yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I customize my apartment?

To customize your apartment like a pro, try changing the overall look of your walls with paint or stick-on wallpaper. Moreover, custom drapes, artwork, and hanging lights can all add a touch of luxury to your apartment without spending too much.

How can I decorate my apartment with simple steps?

To decorate your apartment using simple steps, try following the tips below. 

  • Paint your front door. 
  • Add warm lightning.
  • Add plants.
  • Use mirrors in front of the windows. 
  • Make use of different textures and colors.
  • Hang some artwork.

How can I make my home’s interior look good?

  • Decluttering your space is the first step toward creating a sumptuous interior of your apartment.
  • Try cleaning your home’s carpets thoroughly.
  • Make new uses for old things by rearranging them.
  • Try arranging your books and items by color on your shelf.

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