Everything to Know About Renting Your First Apartment in Toronto

first apartment in Toronto

When in the big city, it can be a little difficult or a little overwhelming to find a place of your own. Especially if it’s an apartment, since these are always in high demand and finding one that’s perfect for you can be a little too tough. However, that shouldn’t be the case. In fact, it isn’t the case in Toronto. While the city is big, lively and seems to have a spirit of its own, finding and renting your first apartment in Toronto isn’t all that difficult. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at everything you need to know about finding and renting your first apartment in Toronto.

From finding your dream apartment to live in, to knowing what you might need to have before you actually jump into the process of finalizing the details, this guide will help you through it all. Let’s get started and look at everything to know about finding and renting your first apartment in Toronto. 

Finding, renting your first apartment in Toronto

Let’s start by looking at how you can go about finding your first apartment in Toronto. Whether it’s a pleasant studio apartment or a single-bedroom apartment that boasts impressive space and locality, here are the ways you can go about finding your first apartment in Toronto. 

Identify your requirements

The first thing you need to do is to identify your requirements for your first apartment in Toronto. Just going ahead and winging your search for an apartment won’t get you the best results, which is why it is important that you go about the search strategically. By first identifying your requirements, you will be able to narrow down both the locations and the apartments themselves. If you want something small and cozy, go for something like a studio apartment in downtown Toronto that doesn’t cost much. Or, if you want your significant other with you, go for a one-bedroom apartment. Whatever your preference when it comes to apartments, you can get them. It’s important to first identify them and search accordingly. 

Check out online services

A great way of eliminating the trouble of navigating through the hustle bustle of the city and to ensure that the search stays relevant and yields you the best possible options is to check out online services that offer listings on apartments in Toronto. While general real estate services like Zillow and Redfin exist, you can also look into services that deal with apartments specifically and offer something of much more value than other services. Toronto Boutique Apartments, for example, lists luxury one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments that promise exclusivity and an elevated lifestyle. So, if those are the two things that you want out of your new apartment in Toronto, try going with an online service that cuts out the hassle and gets you what you want, pronto!

Check out the locale, the apartment 

Once you’ve seen something you like, it is imperative that you go to the neighbourhood, and the apartment in person, always. While online services are convenient and cut out lots of what we don’t like about apartment hunting, it is also important that you get a good feel of the place, the locale and of the apartment itself before you go ahead and make a very important decision of your life. If you intend to live in it for the foreseeable future, that makes it all the more important. Walk around the neighbourhood and gauge it against the requirements you might have. Do the same with the apartment and try to attend any open houses in the area so you can get some answers for the questions you might have in your mind while strolling through the neighbourhood or checking the apartment. 

Keep your options open!

Even if you are a picky person and have many specific requirements for the apartment you want to rent in Toronto, there are plenty of options throughout the big city. Now, apartments may be few and far between places, but there are still plenty of options especially when in a city like Toronto. This means that throughout your apartment hunting process, you need to keep your options open and ensure that you get the best possible option out of many. If you limit your options and only stick with one, you might be getting the short end of a stick and won’t be able to get the best apartment in Toronto (trust us, there will always be more than one of the perfect apartments in the big city). Therefore, search thoroughly and keep your options open. Once you feel like you have enough options to choose the best one from, move on to the next step. 

Prepare documentation, things you need to apply

Once you think you have an apartment that would be a perfect abode in the big city, it might be time to close in on that apartment. But a good tip would be to prepare paperwork beforehand rather than focusing on other things. That is because paperwork can usually take up a lot of time, and if not done correctly, might make you miss out on your perfect apartment. Which is why we always suggest having paperwork ready when you go to close in on an apartment. Your paperwork includes your proof of income and any other documents that might have been requested by either the landlord or by the property management company. Keep them ready and you won’t have any trouble in the next step. 

Zeroing in on the apartment

Once you have the paperwork ready, go to zero in on the apartment. It’s important that both the paperwork part of the process as well as the closing in happens without any delay at all. Get too late and you might miss out on your ideal and perfect apartment in Toronto. With the paperwork completed, now is the time to submit your documents and your application and wait for the process to complete. Now, before you go in and enjoy your apartment, there is still one more step that might be crucial for newcomers in Toronto who are looking to rent an apartment. 

Go through the Toronto standardized lease agreement 

The final step is something that you can do before you actually step into the process of finding and renting an apartment in Toronto. That is to familiarize yourself with the standardized lease agreement that is used across Toronto for rental apartments. This lease agreement will not only help you in determining what paperwork you might need for the new apartment, but reading the fine print will also help you know some of the more obscure details of the agreement that might help you with the negotiation phase or in understanding how the rental landscape works in the big city. Its always a good idea to read the rental lease agreement and navigate through understanding its many complexities. 

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