Factors to consider when renting a 2-bedroom apartment: locale

renting a 2-bedroom apartment

Renting an apartment is a big move; you need to make sure you know what you are doing and what you want from your apartment before you sign that agreement and move your stuff. Doing research beforehand is always a good idea, and if you go apartment-hunting with a list of things that you need from your apartment, it can go down a lot better and you might end up with a good option. For two-bedroom apartments, the process is no different. Here is a breakdown of the factors to keep in mind when finding the perfect location for renting a 2-bedroom apartment

We will also look into the location considerations for 2-bedroom rentals and the ideal areas for two-bedroom apartments that you need to look out for. But first, why do you need a two-bedroom apartment will explain what kind of a locale you might be looking for. Let us explain by first getting into reasons why two-bedroom apartments are popular. 

Two-bedroom apartments: why are they popular?

Two-bedroom apartments seem to be all over the place; they are especially popular in the more urban areas of Canada. As for the reason why, the majority of owners say they specifically look for two-bedroom apartments since it is a perfect place to start a family. A two-bedroom apartment costs less than a three-bedroom one, obviously, but has ample space for a new bundle of joy to live and grow. Which means that two-bedroom apartments are mostly searched out for by newlyweds and couples looking to start a family, and as such, location considerations are affected by the fact that you need to be close to the city center as much as possible, to retain access to hospitals, daycare centers and other significant places, centered around your child. 

Now, let’s look at factors to consider when finding the perfect location for renting a 2-bedroom apartment. 

Factors to consider: the perfect location for renting a 2-bedroom apartment

Keeping in mind the reason why a majority chooses to go with a two-bedroom apartment, let’s look at the factors that you are supposed to keep in mind before starting out on your apartment hunt. 

  • Access to city center

The city center for young couples and newlyweds is a go-to destination; whether it’s visiting the doctor or going for a stroll in the park, city centers will have everything you will need to complement your two-bedroom apartment. Even if starting a family is not in the works right now, public transport options, cinemas, offices, you get the idea. Looking for an apartment near the city or preferably near the city center will bring with it lots of advantages and access to a whole menagerie of utilities and places that the suburbs simply don’t have. While you might sacrifice your quiet life for it, a metropolitan apartment has its own set of advantages.

  • Safety, security

Another big factor in selecting a two-bedroom apartment is going to be security and safety. Considering a two-bedroom apartment means you have a spouse and are planning to have a family, nothing will be more important and crucial to you than security. An environment that only makes you feel secure, but also has active and physical security present. For instance, many apartment buildings offer CCTV coverage, security detail at the gate and a check-in and out system that keeps track of everything. Here is an option that you might be able to relax, enjoy and feel safe and secure in. Looking for an apartment for many means that their primary consideration will be security and safety. 

  • Amenities

Starting a family in an apartment block that has all the amenities will always be a lot better than doing so in a barebones place that barely has security, let alone amenities. Many upscale two-bedroom apartments will offer the convenience of gyms, pools and many other services like laundry to the occupants. Although it might cost more, especially if you are renting one, it will also be a lot better, especially considering that most couples nowadays consist of working individuals rather than a stay-at-home mom or dad. Which means that these amenities won’t really eat into your budget and will instead pose a lot of convenience for the family and will allow lots of relaxation time.

  • Lifestyle changes

If you are looking to rent a two-bedroom apartment but have previously lived in an apartment building, that’s fine. However, if you haven’t, then adjusting to this sort of socialized, tight-knit living will take some time, and you should always keep this in mind before you go out apartment hunting. Many apartments will influence your lifestyle in a way that you might not like, and this is something that you need to mentally prepare for and come to terms with it as well. The easier the transition, the more you’ll come to like it and understand the benefits and the advantages of renting a two-bedroom apartment. 

  • Space, size considerations

The space and size of two-bedroom apartments is not universal and will differ from place to place. Location here matters a lot; getting one in a crowded place will leave you with a small space despite having two bedrooms, whereas getting one in a spacious location will make those same two bedrooms feel enormous. For many, space and size are paramount when it comes to apartment living, and since a two-bedroom apartment is the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and maximizing space while ensuring future family changes can be accommodated within the same apartment, you should also prioritize these two factors above all when renting a two-bedroom apartment.

  • Economic, financial considerations

Finally, and arguably a big factor, since you will be renting a two-bedroom apartment, there are going to be the economic and financial considerations that you need to put ahead of yourself. Since the rent of the apartment will take a big chunk out of your earnings, you will need to understand that spending so much without the possibility of owning one is not all lucrative and feasible, and as such, you need not splurge on the apartment. However, that certainly does not mean that you should then skimp out on the apartment; getting one that is reasonably within your means and does not eat up too much of your budget is the best two-room apartment that you can find. 

What should be your location considerations for two-bedroom rentals?

Before you start looking for two-bedroom rentals, your location or locale considerations should be geared around what you want right now, and what you will be needing two or five years from now, especially if you are planning on renting for the foreseeable future. This is because moving takes up a lot of your resources and puts additional strain and burden on a family; constant moving will not be good, both for your physical and mental health. Which is why, long-term planning and a conviction on what you will need five years from now will be among the primary considerations for your location. Whether you need it in the city as a working couple, or if you plan on raising a family in the suburbs, location determination will be best done if you have a couple of years planned out and can then plan your apartment location considerations around it. 

What are some ideal areas for two-bedroom apartments?

The ideal area for two-bedroom apartments would be spacious buildings with lots of amenities, preferably near a city center, and an area that has a very low rate of crime. You might think this description is utopian, but its really not. There are many locations across Canada and in Toronto, especially, which have a balanced mix of both urban life and suburban settings and have very low crime rates. Couple this up with some nice parks and hangout places, and suddenly, Toronto will become one of the best areas to rent a two-bedroom apartment in. 

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