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To help our Toronto visitors save money while visiting the city, we at Toronto Boutique Apartments decided to compare the price of staying at a Toronto hotel vs staying at an extended stay Toronto apartment, for each subway station in the entire city of Toronto. These real estate subway maps are everywhere these days, but none of them help people who plan to travel to Toronto, our hotels vs furnished apartments Toronto subway map will be very useful.

We compared the average prices of one bedroom furnished suites and hotel rooms for one guest, near each subway station, less than a 10-minute walk away. We gathered data from the top hotel and furnished apartment booking sites. What we found is that the average nightly price difference is quite large – about 76% higher when you stay at a Toronto hotel, compared to staying at a furnished Toronto apartment.

For the stations that had both hotels and furnished apartments nearby, the average nightly price was $267 for a single hotel room, compared with $153 for a one bedroom furnished rental apartment. The overall average price of a furnished rental apartment for all Toronto stops was $139.

The average nightly Dollar difference between hotels and Toronto furnished apartments was $114, which is a fairly large difference and makes furnished apartments a much more affordable travel option. The biggest difference was found near the Bay Station where the average hotel room price is a whopping $552 per night; not a surprise considering the number of upscale Yorkville hotels in that area, including the Four Seasons Hotel and The Windsor Arms Hotel. By comparison, the nightly price at one of our furnished apartments near the Bay Street subway is about $110, far below the average price of $169.

The smallest price difference was at College Station, where several medium-priced hotel options exist. Hotels in this area are on average $195 per night, whereas the average furnished apartment Toronto suite price is $159. By comparison you could stay at our Toronto furnished apartments and pay only about $100-120 per night, which is even below the average price of furnished apartments at this subway station.

The map also highlights that in many locations outside the downtown core, staying at a hotel is simply not an option, whereas a furnished apartment option exists near every TTC station.

Toronto Boutique Apartments provides curated short term rental Apartments in prime downtown locations, for corporate accommodation and personal extended stays. The company’s furnished suites are each uniquely designed and furnished with premium contemporary furniture.

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