Photo Tips For Furnished Apartments


Are you planning to let out furnished rentals? Toronto has a massive market for that. There are a lot of things you can do to help move the process along faster and get renting your home out of your hair. One way of doing this is staging the apartment for photography and getting these pictures to work on your behalf.

Taking beautiful well-staged photographs of your home make the house look for appealing and alluring for potential renters. The modern rental business has totally changed from what it was a decade ago. Now, good photographs get your home or apartment off your hands. This is a fact as realtors and rental agencies advice their clients to take beautiful photographs of their home or apartment to get it rented out quickly. In fact, some realtors offer this package as a service.

How do you take amazing photographs of your apartment?

According to seasoned realtors, when taking a photograph of your home or apartment, tell a story about your home. Make your home alluring to the interested party. If you can do that effectively, your home or apartment will be rented in no time.

Here is what to do to take amazing photographs that would get your home rented in no time.

Create a beautiful story in the kitchen

Your aim is to have a clean, clutter-free kitchen. This allows renters to envisage how their kitchen will look like when they move in. Clean your sinks, floors, counters and so on. Ensure all appliances are in their rightful places. 

It is advisable to remove all family memorabilia from the space; it will leave your kitchen looking perfect.

Make your common rooms sparkle

Declutter all common rooms; living rooms and dining areas. All toys, books, and gadgets should be put away. These little things can be distracting. If the walls need a fresh coat of paint, do not hesitate to have it done.

At the dining area, the table should look spotless and inviting. Do not forget to put a fresh bouquet of flowers to make it perfect and please set the table if you can. For short-term rentals, downtown Toronto, common rooms that look elegant will get snagged in no time.

The inviting bedroom

The bedroom is the most significant room in your home; most especially the master bedroom. Your first step is to remove all personal items from the bedroom. Clean up the furniture and floors. Ensure the bed is well made with clean beddings.

If you get this room right, you would not have this home on your hands for much longer.

The airy bathroom

When you to want to sell your bathroom to potential renters, portray it like bathrooms in five-star hotels. Luxury rentals in Toronto follow this trend. Here is what you should do. Remove all personal items, place clean towels and clean the fittings and floors. Let the bathroom look airy, clean and bright. 

There you have it. Staging your home for photographs for short-term rentals in Toronto is not as hard as you think. Follow these tips, and you will be smiling to the bank in no time. Finally, ensure you let light into each room. It performs wonders to a space to be photographed.

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