How to Find a Furnished Apartment in Toronto for Travel Nurses?

furnished apartment in Toronto

As their name suggests, travel nurses have a really busy schedule, travelling across the country to render important services in the medical world. Since their work requires them to move from city to city, holding down one apartment in a location can obviously be difficult, and it can be equally challenging to find short-term rentals that are furnished, according to your requirements and are readily available, closest to the hospital or medical centre which happens to be the workplace. In this blog post, let us take you through the particulars of finding short-term furnished apartments in Toronto that are perfect for travel nurses and cater to every demand a working, travelling professional like a travel nurse might have. 

As far as short-term rental apartments are concerned, there is no better service that caters to travel nurses than Toronto Boutique Apartments (TBA). Experience the charm of the big city coupled with the convenience of one, two, and three-bedroom luxury apartment rentals that are designed around you and your requirements. Luxury and exclusivity go hand in hand with the best locations, a bevy of great amenities and services come together to make for an unforgettable stay. Now, let’s look at how you can find a furnished apartment in Toronto for nurses. 

Finding furnished apartments in Toronto for nurses

The problem with renting apartments is the lease or rental agreement, which stipulates a certain amount of time to be spent renting the apartment before the agreement can be terminated. In any case, it’s not a feasible short-term solution, and for travelling nurses, it is imperative that the agreement be short-term. So, here we have some ways you can find furnished apartments in Toronto for nurses that do short-term rentals the best.

As a travelling nurse, with a gruelling work schedule and timetables that can leave even the most hardworking people exhausted, there is no better feeling than to step into a luxurious apartment that is your haven of comfort and allows you to kick back, relax and just ease the tiredness away. However, with the constant movement and never being able to find a permanent abode for yourself, this can be nothing more than a pipe dream. 

However, services like TBA and Airbnb exist, which offer some amazing solutions to the problem of constant movement and the requirement of well-furnished apartments in the big city. Let’s start by looking at what TBA has to offer in terms of short-term rentals that are the perfect fit for travelling nurses. 

TBA: the perfect housing solution for travelling nurses

TBA takes pride in offering some of the most luxurious and well-appointed apartments for rent in Toronto. But the other upside that TBA offers is the fact that they do both short-term and long-term rentals, and they do both quite well. In fact, their offerings and packages in the short-term rentals section really blow the competition out of the water, and combined with the mass appeal of luxuriously furnished apartments and short-term rental agreements that don’t break the bank make TBA a very good deal. 

As a travelling nurse, the frustration of never finding a good enough apartment every time you move and the constant trouble of moving furniture or your necessary belongings really makes you reconsider your career choices. However, not with TBA. This is because TBA offers luxurious and well-appointed, furnished apartments that boast everything that you might need as a travelling nurse to live an opulent life. From well-maintained furniture to a fully stocked kitchen, the lifestyle that TBA offers with their short-term apartments can really take your living up a few notches. Let’s look at the many benefits you get when you rent a short-term apartment with TBA. 

Fully furnished

TBA’s long list of apartments spread throughout the great city of Toronto are fully furnished and boast some of the best and most luxurious furnishings that you could ever want from an apartment. A furnished apartment is one thing, but nobody wants to live in an apartment that looks like it has been furnished by the Salvation Army. On the other end of the spectrum is TBA, whose focus and commitment to providing the best possible short-term rental solutions has resulted in luxury apartments that make you feel like you’ve stepped in a cocoon of opulence. From the furnishings to the appliances, each and every single one of TBA’s apartments boasts a living experience that many wish they could get. 

Exclusive amenities

What’s an apartment without some amenities? Normal services like Airbnb and a lot of local services that deal in short-term rentals for apartments offer some amenities to help sweeten the deal and allow for people to find a more relaxing and comfortable stay with them. However, with TBA, you can expect this feature to be taken to 11. TBA offers exclusive amenities like gyms, fitness centres, pools and other unheard-of amenities with their apartments. Even short-term rentals boast these exclusive amenities unavailable anywhere else, and this is why TBA might be your best choice when it comes to renting apartments for a short-term. They just offer so much better than everybody else that it becomes hard to think of any other service when you are looking for a short-term rental in Toronto. 


A travelling nurse requires two things when it comes to location: the first is that the location must be close to the hospital or the care centre where they are supposed to work. And secondly, it should be in a great location itself, and not off in some remote part of town that nobody has heard of, or nobody goes to. TBA is once again, still ahead of the competition in this regard. Aside from the fact that TBA has great apartment options throughout the city of Toronto and in some great locales, it’s their relative distance to city centres and other important locations that makes them a great choice for travelling nurses. Whether you want to go down to the hospital quickly or want quick and unfettered access to markets and other spots on a weekend, TBA has locations that put you right in the centre of it all, right where the heart of Toronto city lies. 


Finding furnished apartments in Toronto for travelling nurses used to be a difficult task, but no more. While services like Airbnb have simplified living and renting for short-terms, its services like Toronto Boutique Apartments that take it up several notches and deliver a quality living experience that prioritises experience over everything. Experience exclusivity, luxury, opulence and convenience when you go for a short term rental with TBA, and if you are a travelling nurse who wants a quality living solution that compromises on nothing, its now as simple as accessing TBA’s website and choosing your pick for your next luxurious apartment that’s short term and doesn’t break the bank. 

TBA: we do luxury apartments the best!

Toronto, the city with some grand sights, both man-made and some amazingly picturesque landscapes and natural spots for all to enjoy. To appreciate this beauty, check out the best luxury apartment rentals in Toronto with Toronto Boutique Apartments (TBA). We have the best and most extensive range of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartment rentals in the city, with options including some high-rise apartments and residences that give you an amazing overview of the Toronto skyline. For your next visit to Toronto, check out TBA for apartment rentals that will make your trip even more memorable.

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