How to find an apartment to rent in Toronto

apartment to rent in Toronto

Toronto, one of the megacities of not just Canada but also the world, hosts an incredibly beautiful and sprawling skyline that includes both sky-high commercial skyscrapers that define and characterize the Toronto skyline as well as residential units that look something straight out of a TV serial. However, living in the big city, despite its obvious flourishes and advantages, comes with one glaring disadvantage: it essentially means that the city doesn’t sleep, and the residential units, unless in the suburbs, don’t give people a relaxed, laid-back living. However, that is not to say that Toronto doesn’t cater to that sort of people. In this blog post, we’ll look at the many ways you can find an apartment to rent in Toronto that suits your needs the best. 

Before we get into the details, here’s a service that always delivers exceptionally well: Toronto Boutique Apartments (TBA), where you can find short-term and long-term rentals for one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments in hotspots and quiet spots throughout the big city. So, whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat for a weekend or a spot that lets you experience the true Toronto rhythm, TBA has got your back. 

Let’s start by looking at how you can find an apartment to rent in Toronto. 

Renting an apartment in Toronto

So, if you are looking to rent an apartment in Toronto, you will need to understand one thing: in the big city, there are essentially three ways that you can go about finding an apartment for rent. Let’s discuss in detail the three ways that you can look for an apartment in Toronto and come up with something that works for you. 

The old-fashioned way: get out in the city!

Nothing beats a good walk through the city, the busy suburbs, the bustling commercial centers and the places-to-be, the hotspots. Exploring the city is one thing, but when you are out and about with a purpose, that makes it much more of an occasion. The old-fashioned way is going out in the city, and physically or in-person, going to open houses (for apartments obviously) and checking out listings in the newspaper, marking them and going to check the apartment itself. While this is obviously disadvantageous for some, it also has its benefits, including the big one. The big one being the fact that you can’t get the feel of an apartment in pictures, no matter how high-resolution they may be. Similarly, it also helps make a real connection and relationship with the landlord, since in an online chat or phone call, you can only interact so much. The old-fashioned way of going out and going through buildings to look for an apartment is a good way to start and can help you get a feel of the city as well as a feel for the building and of the apartment itself since you will physically be there. 

The smart way: get a realtor

If you are the type of person to relax and let the professionals do their job, then this option is for you. A realtor or realtor service is a service that lets you browse from their listings and essentially, does the hard work for you beforehand in ensuring that everything is okay with the apartment. Whether it’s a property management company that you are dealing with, or a realtor who happens to have lots of great apartments in their listings, you can get a pretty good deal and a pretty good apartment with a realtor or property management service. Especially the latter, since it means that a proper system for rent collection, repairs and other concerns is in place with the apartment complex. However, the method is quite easy with this one: you simply look up a realtor or a property management company, ask them if they have any apartments for rent, and then attend the open house for the apartment. This way, you get a company-backed assurance that the apartment has indeed been checked out, the paperwork is all done and in order, and the handing-taking or renting process will be smooth and quick. In short, if you want your apartment finding and renting process to be pleasant and handled by trained professionals, you go with the realtor or the property management service. 

The high-tech way: go for an online service!

Nowadays, everything is online. And its services like TBA, Redfin and Zillow that are spearheading this revolution of taking an otherwise arduous and lengthy process and simplifying it by taking it online. When you want to rent an apartment in Toronto, you can go with the aforementioned ways, or you can go with the easiest and the most convenient one: get an online service like TBA and make the process and your life easier. With services like TBA, you get the best possible apartments for rentals; whether it’s a two-bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto, or a quiet one-bedroom apartment in a lovely little suburb of Toronto, TBA has it all. If you want house listings or want a more permanent solution, services like Redfin and Zillow also have houses and rental options that allow you to simply get the best possible real estate solution for your requirements. We personally like this option: there’s no headache at all, you essentially view the whole apartment from the comfort of your home and your affairs are all in order thanks to the exemplary service that TBA and other online realtors and apartment rentals provide. 

In a nutshell, 

Whether you go with the old-fashioned option or the high-tech one, one thing is for sure: persistence pays off. If you are looking for your dream apartment rental in Toronto, it’s important to know exactly what you want, and it’s even better if you know where to look for it. Luckily, there are online services like TBA, Zillow and Redfin that can help you get the best possible apartment for rent in Toronto. 

So why go with TBA for apartment rentals?

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