How to Spot Rental Scams: Red Flags to Watch Out For

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As exciting as it may be, finding your dream rental apartment comes with scams you have no idea about. 

Not only will you lose thousands of bucks, but you may also end up being homeless if you fall into a rental scam. But don’t worry- with the correct information and research, you can save yourself from fraud! This blog post below will equip you with the information to help you confidently save yourself from scams.

What is a Rental Scam?

When someone fraudulently obtains sensitive information or funds through rental property listings, it is known as a rental scam. There are several ways in which rental fraud can take place. For instance, the victim pays for a property that isn’t even available in the first place, or the victim signs a phony rental agreement that has hidden terms and conditions. These many varieties of rental scams come with their subtleties. While it may be easier to spot some types of rental scams than others, there are always telltale indicators of someone trying to con you.

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Ultimate Guide to Spotting Rental Scams Like a Pro: A Tenant’s Saviour

Vague Details on the Listing:

We are never fond of vague and unattractive listings. But what if they come at a great price? Beware, please!

A person who lists the most basic data as imprecise or confusing may never have been there in the first place. If the scammer is unfamiliar with the area you wish to rent, they may omit information about the primary nearby attractions.

Don’t Wish To Show the Place:

Run away- it is a Red Flag! A rental scam is in full swing if the agent insists you can’t view the home in person before transferring the down payment and signing the paperwork. Property rentals are heavy on pockets, so it’s only fair that you can view it in person to ensure it meets your requirements. If not an in-person visit, the agent should allow you to take a virtual tour of the property; there should be no justifications for why you can’t view the property.

Want You to Pay ASAP:

Scammers are too good at creating situations where you are compelled to act quickly, such as when they want you to pay a certain amount to prevent eviction or acquire a lease before someone else does. Now, even if you saved yourself from this scam by not providing financial information during a phone call or text message, the scammer stays one step ahead, builds your profile, and attempts to con you again, maybe with more substantial fraud that you can ever think about.

Deal is too Good to be True:

Real estate agents and landlords know full well about the ongoing rates for rental properties. It makes no sense for them to charge a tenant a significantly lower amount. Since the rental amount is a source of income for landlords, they charge a fair rent considering the locality. Hence, be wary of a property’s listing price if it’s too good to be true. Even if the deal is too attractive, please remember it can be a HUGE SCAM!

Don’t Want to Meet You in Person:

You’ve finally found the apartment of your dreams, but the agent you’ve been contacting over the phone won’t meet you because he is never ‘in the country.’ Such actions strongly suggest that you are falling into a rental scam. Your scammer’s reasons for not being able to meet you could sound reasonable during the initial conversations. However, if you see this as a pattern, immediately cease communication and save yourself from falling prey to rental scams.

Listing has Grammatical Mistakes:

This one, even today, is the most obvious among real estate scams. Real estate agents and landlords often take an extra step forward to show the most outstanding features in their rental listings. Serious people will need more effort to provide in-depth descriptions and high-quality images to attract potential renters. If you have ever stumbled upon a listing with misspelled words, run-on sentences, and mistakes- remember it might be a scam.

The Property is on a Free Website:

You might be lucky to discover genuine properties on platforms like Facebook, but this one isn’t always the safest bet. Scammers quickly take advantage of free websites like this because they don’t charge anything to put up a listing.
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How to Avoid Rental Scams?

  • Inspect the listing in-depth
  • Meet the landlord or agent yourself and get all your questions answered
  • Visit the property and see it for yourself
  • Discuss the lease terms with an attorney
  • Don’t rush while making payments
  • Contact a reputable real estate agent when in need of a rental property

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Wait. Stop right here. Don’t act hastily for a cheap listing that fits your basic needs.

A little prudence goes a long way to save yourself from online scams. However, with the above tips, you can protect yourself from scams you could never have anticipated. Avoiding rental scams requires you to grasp the correct information and resources, which may make a daunting process in and of itself, especially if you are new to a place. So, what do you do to skip all this stress and hassle?

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you track your scammer?

The truth is that scammers are clever and one step ahead in saving themselves. It is nearly impossible to track your scammer via phone number or email. But if you do, please report them as fast as you can. 

What do you do if you have already been scammed?

Taking immediate action to prevent more losses and report the scam as soon as possible if you suspect you have been scammed is critical. To help yourself, contact your local law police, inform the platform or website where you saw the fake listing, and even consider contacting an attorney for help. Although it may be impossible to get your money back, if you act quickly, you can help stop the scammer from committing the same fraud.

Do scammers target specific populations?

Yes, scammers are always looking for specific populations, such as students or people who are relocating. To entice victims, scammers use urgency and lack of knowledge regarding the rental market while offering prices too good to be true. To keep yourself safe, it is best to be vigilant and cautious, regardless of your demographic.

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