Most interesting Toronto News

Another week in Toronto's pre-spring season ended with a nice, solid layer of snow, putting every Toronto resident in a good mood and ready to kick off the day. 

Toronto Mouth of the Creek Park

On a better note, this recent news from today about a new park in downtown Toronto got us pretty excited because downtown Toronto could always use more green space, and we don’t just mean leaves on trees on the street, but actual parks with grass green space. 

Of course not another week goes by in Toronto without news about the outrageous real estate prices, about how much prices have gone up, and how by every possible metric the Toronto real estate market is insane, or that there are still pockets of downtown Toronto that have not been gentrified, but will be soon. And there was the news of Toronto condo residents shocked by massive rent hikes, which seems to be the new trend in trying to kick a tenant out in Toronto.

At Pearson airport there was the scary and odd news of a man charged after 'mock' IED found in his suitcase at Toronto Pearson airport

There was also the somewhat nostalgic news of the Toronto Island bicycle rental company losing its contract after more than 30 years. Good news for us is that you can buy its inventory on April 14th, including single bikes for $75 and tandem bikes for only $100!

Last but not least, you may want to stock up your liquor cabinet and fill up your wine cellars, the LCBO could be going on strike soon, yes it's a few weeks ahead, but if it does happen you can't say we didn't warn you.

That is the roundup of what we found to be the most interesting news this week in Toronto. Hope everyone has a great weekend!