7 Reasons Renting an Apartment is Better Than Owning

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Renting or Buying? This old-age debate of renting or buying still stands as an unsolved puzzle. While many people worldwide hold the dream of homeownership in high esteem, it is undoubtedly not meant to be for everyone. The appeal of renting is growing in the ever-changing world of contemporary living, and people are more inclined to rent than buy. Contrary to popular belief of being stranded in debt and having no savings, renting provides an unprecedented level of freedom and flexibility to the tenants. 

Read below to uncover what makes renting the choice of living these days and how it is much better than buying.

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Renting is Better Than Owning: Some Key Considerations

  • No Utility Bills:

Homes, even though their dimensions might vary, usually are more significant than apartments that are given out for rent. Therefore, they are more expensive to heat or cool, and their utility bills may also be higher. Many rental homes have a floor plan that is more compact and efficient than many bought houses, making it more cost-effective to heat and power these apartments. 

  • Access to Facilities:

One of the best ways renting saves money is to use luxuries and amenities that would cost a fortune to buy outright. An in-ground pool and fitness center are often included in mid-range to expensive apartment complexes as standard amenities that renters can enjoy without being charged. 

However, if you buy a new home and maintain these features, you must shell out thousands of dollars for this investment. Similarly, these expenses can also affect the condo owners. Moreover, homeowners also pay facilitation dues, which the renters are free from.

  • No Hassle of Taxes:

Everyone knows what a hassle it is to pay taxes on a monthly and yearly basis when you own a property. 

The ease of not paying any property taxes is a big perk of renting instead of buying a home. The cost of real estate taxes varies from county to county but is enormous everywhere! The annual expense of property taxes might even reach several thousand dollars in certain regions. To calculate a home’s tax, combine the house’s assessed value and the amount of land it sits on. Not only is this complicated, but it also requires keen observation. Homeowners may find themselves burdened financially by property taxes, especially when the taxes continue to rise with inflation.


  • Flexibility:

Homeowners are limited to places where their income allows them to purchase, whereas renters have the flexibility and freedom to choose where they reside, from one city to another. Another great option is that most people can’t afford to buy a property in a pricey town, so renting for them is an option. While property prices keep fluctuating and buyers are always winded up in chaos, renters typically have an easier time finding a reasonable apartment that fulfills their requirements. 

Furthermore, another flexibility of renting is that tenants can move into smaller, more economical living areas, especially near retirement. Remember that the costs associated with putting up your house for sale make it more challenging to escape the costly selling process. Furthermore, people who have put a lot of money into renovations may find themselves in a tough financial spot if the selling price covers only some of the value of expenses.

  • No Maintenance Costs:

The freedom from maintenance and repair expenses is the best part about renting. So, when you rent a home or property, the landlord is the one who pays for all the repairs and maintenance. All you need to do is call your landlord if something malfunctions in your apartment, like a broken appliance or a leaking roof. Costs associated with repairs, maintenance, and renovations to a home ultimately fall in the lap of the homeowner. Let’s not forget that this cost can escalate rapidly depending on the complexity of the maintenance. 

  • No Worries About Property:

The value of a property keeps fluctuating. This significantly impacts homeowners but has little to no bearing on renters. Your home’s worth affects your mortgage and property tax payments, leading to constant stress and frustration. During the unstable property market, homeowners may be directly affected, while renters only enjoy living in peace. 

Furthermore, when you purchase a property, you constantly worry about maintenance costs, tenants, natural disasters, or other factors. However, when you rent, maintenance costs and destruction from natural disasters are not your concern. 

  • Mitigated Risks:

Homeownership faces a dreadful shadow of danger during uncertain economic growth and stock market swings. Fearfully, homeowners and buyers carry the weight of uncertainty, whether in the form of falling property values or unexpected disasters to the property. On the other hand, tenants can relax knowing that their rental agreements have nothing to do with real estate fluctuations and will safeguard them from the market’s whims. For renters, adapting to a new place and migrating quickly provides a comforting sense of stability, especially during economic turmoil or unexpected events.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the main advantage of renting?

The main advantage of renting is that tenants enjoy several benefits, including reduced utility bills, no hassle of taxes, and access to otherwise out-of-reach amenities like pools and gyms, etc. 

Is renting a good option?

Yes, making money through rental properties is a terrific side hustle, but you should know the real estate industry well. A person who is aware of the market trends and insights can make a more educated decision regarding rental property and ROI. 

Renting vs. buying homes, which one is better?

Although a more significant initial investment is required to buy, some people suggest that renting costs more in the long run. The general rule of thumb is that, compared to renting, the value of owning a home increases after around ten years, but other factors play a part, too. Hence, both renting and buying depend on your preferences. 

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