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Vacation apartments are objectively the better option when traveling, especially within the same country. That’s not to say that when you go abroad on a vacation, you cannot rent a vacation apartment. But that is not the point: when we say that vacation apartments are objectively the better choice, you will know when you read about their advantages over booking a hotel or making any other living arrangements. In this blog, we will take you through the particulars of renting a vacation apartment, their advantages, and how you can go hunting for a vacation apartment. 

So, let us first start with what a vacation apartment is. 

Vacation apartments: what are they?

Vacation apartments are private accommodations that are rented out to tourists on a short-term basis. Much like how Airbnb and other comparable services work, these apartments are fully-furnished and offer many of their advantages in the usage of a home-like environment and amenities to really make the vacation a convenient and easy one, as far as your abode is concerned. 

Compared to booking hotels or luxury resorts, these vacation apartments represent a balance between economics and the experience of living well while vacationing. Let us quickly go through some of the highlight advantages of vacation apartments before we delve into how you can hunt for a vacation apartment. 

Why vacation apartments are better than other alternatives?

Vacation apartment rentals will give you a lot of benefits if you are over the fence in deciding whether to go with an apartment or go with a conventional hotel. Let’s look at some of these vacation apartments’ advantages over hotels and other accommodations. 


The apartment rentals are very cost-effective, allowing you to get the maximum usability and convenience out of an apartment without paying too much and potentially disturbing your vacation budgeting. 

Home-like environment:

In the case of apartment rentals, you can emulate the feel of your own home while out on vacation. It’s not something that many people appreciate, especially since while on a vacation, you’re supposed to relax and forget about such things, but it is still appreciable once you get back to your apartment after a long day of exploring the city.

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A great factor in many people looking to switch to apartment rentals rather than a hotel or even a luxury resort.  You see, privacy is the one thing that many people look for, and unfortunately, hotels, resorts, and other accommodation options are not the best when it comes to privacy. On the other hand, apartment rentals allow you to live inside an enclosed structure without any outside interference at all, giving you maximum privacy at all times. 

Fully furnished:

Apartment rentals for vacations boast fully furnished apartments with all the amenities one might need. From a fully-stocked pantry or refrigerator in the kitchen to fresh linen on the beds and even vehicles/ bicycles for traveling, many apartment rentals make themselves extremely attractive by throwing in these amenities. Getting one beats a hotel any time of the year. 

Now, let’s look at hunting for a vacation apartment and the things you need to keep in mind. 

Hunting for a vacation apartment: things to do

Here are some important tips on hunting for a vacation apartment. 

Start your apartment hunt early

Vacation season comes with a couple of caveats that can otherwise ruin a perfect time. One of them is looking for discounts early on because as time progresses, the good options, the discounts, and the top-notch stuff get taken early on. This is why, when we say that you need to start your apartment hunt early, you need to understand the thought behind this. Not all apartment rentals are made equal; again, the best ones get booked early on. So start a bit early, and you will have for yourself the best apartment rental for a vacation. 

Thoroughly read the rental contract 

Once you’ve found and booked your apartment rental and you get sent a copy of the contract, its always a good thing to thoroughly read and understand all the various points enumerated within the contract. If possible, get a lawyer to help you understand what each statement means, and try to renegotiate any terms that might seem unfavorable to you. It’s your right, even as a temporary tenant, to know certain things, including the utilities and who would be responsible for them. Given that energy prices aren’t looking too affordable right now, and going someplace where you might need the AC or heater on for most of the day can seriously affect your budgeting for the vacation, which is why you need to read, understand, and negotiate the contract thoroughly.

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Inquire about housekeeping

Many apartment rentals for vacation come with housekeeping or simple cleaning services that come in on the last day and are usually billed to the tourists. This is usually included as part of the contract, but some applications and services treat them as an obvious clause of the contract. It is imperative for you to understand what housekeeping entails when it comes to apartment rentals since extensive cleaning and upkeep or maintenance for the apartment might come in quite expensive, further adding to the expenses of the vacation. This is why it is important that you inquire about the housekeeping early on. 

Keep a video log throughout your stay

It is important for you to be clear from your end. When you arrive at the apartment and are handed the keys, it’s a good idea to make a video log of the apartment; its overall condition, and any issues you might see as soon as you get in. This way, if any issue arises during the process of checking out, you will always have proof that said issue was there before you resided in the apartment. Similarly, we’d also advise you to keep a video log of each day, and should anything break or malfunction because of you, well, document it as well. This will, again, help you keep track of what happened because of you and what was already there before you got there. So, keep a video log, and especially be extra comprehensive on both your first and last day since many issues might arise on the last day as well. 

Walk through with the landlord

On your last day of the rental, a good tip is to have your landlord accompany you on a trip across the apartment, making sure that any reservations you might have or they might have are all addressed and brought up in-person rather than this being done in absentia. Also, keep your video logs handy and show them to your landlord, documenting any issues or inconveniences you might have experienced during your stay. Its always better to do such in person rather than get billed for things you did not use or cause and then get into a protracted argument over it. 

The bottom line

Renting a vacation apartment is easy and provides a lot of benefits. However, with these tips, you can be sure that you get the best possible apartment and that our experience and your stay will go as smoothly and perfectly as possible. While apartment rentals are usually better than hotels, some not-so-sociable landlords may negatively affect your experience there, which is why you need an apartment rental service that is all about convenience and your experience. 

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