Robots in Furnished apartments


Next time you stay at a furnished Toronto apartment and try to have the best stay experience in the city, why not invest in a robot to make your life easier? The Roomba has been around for a while now and did come out with the seemingly perfect product to solve the fact that no one likes to vacuum. As for these other robots, the jury’s still out..

The first of these life-improving robots are laundry folding bots: You are here on a business project, staying at a furnished Toronto rental and have no time for yourself or your clothes – simply give the robot your clothes in the morning in a bunched up mess, and come home to have them all folded and ready to go! There are actually a few options as far as laundry folding goes, if you don’t want to just hire a maid to do the job (that’s just so 2015). Too bad the robots won’t actually take the laundry from under your bed and the corner of the bathroom. Laundroid is one of the first robots and it is hailed as the First Laundry Folding Bot in the World.


The Laundroid can take up to 40 pieces of clothes at a time, but it’s estimated it can perform the task for 3 to 6 hours..again, you can feed it before you leave work and you come back to a fresh pile of folded clothes, of course you have to wash them first.

There is also the robot from Willow Garage called PR2, it can fold laundry AND get you a beer – We couldn’t find much about them online anymore so maybe it didn’t make it past the concept stage. 

The Foldimate which is pretty compact and they plan to sell them for about $850. They didn’t stop there, they also plan to launch a suitcase packing robot called FoldiBaggage in 2018! 


You could of course just go to and buy yourself a robot to play with your cat, or to lift your TV out of your dresser whenever you need, for just $600. 

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