Short-Term Rentals and Noise: Finding a Peaceful Spot in Toronto 

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Short-term rentals have unfortunately become synonymous with noise complaints. Primarily because of the rise of short-term rentals like Airbnb and other platforms that utilize an online model for renting short-term apartments and houses, the properties get inexplicably rented for parties and other events like raves and night-outs that can cause a lot of noise and can perturb the residents and the neighbours around the block. This has unfortunately given a bad name to short-term rentals as they are seen primarily as party places now. However, that isn’t the case at all. In fact, there are many places in Toronto that combine short-term rentals with peaceful spots to give you a serenity-filled experience. Services like Toronto Boutique Apartments (TBA) offer excellent short-term rentals in some of the best places to live in Toronto.

Now, whether you’re looking for a quiet weekend getaway with your significant other, or just a quiet place to kick back, relax and enjoy some quality time alone in, the short-term rentals and services mentioned below will offer all that you need: a serenaded, quiet spot in the heart of Toronto that provide you with a great experience. Let’s get started. 

Short-term rentals: the best quiet places in Toronto

Despite Toronto being Canada’s version of Los Angeles and boasting some legendary hangout and party spots, the city surprisingly has its quiet spots where introverts and people wanting some time alone can go and relax. In addition to that, services like TBA offer apartment and short-term rentals that further accentuate the feeling of quiet, serenaded by the luxury of the rental apartment around you. Let’s start by looking at some spots that you can bet on being quiet, comfortable and cozy when things get too crazy. 

  1. Bruyeres Mews

Bruyeres Mews, one of the safest and quietest spots in Toronto, has extensive options for short-term rentals that provide a serene, quiet and comfortable environment for people looking for a relaxing weekend out of their usual noisy hotspot. Including some great listing options from TBA, this particular area, near the Canoe Landing Park, boasts a great neighbourhood, one that is both safe and quiet. TBA also offers options that have free parking and a myriad of amenities that really make living there an experience of a lifetime. For people looking for one of the few quiet and low-key spots in Toronto, Bruyeres Mews is an area that tops the list as an introverted section of the greater Toronto area. 

  1. Yorkville

For some, Yorkville might be too upper class and expensive, and for some, Yorkville isn’t quiet at all, what with its flashy stores and high-end restaurants. However, when compared to the noisy downtown and some of the commercial centers that the great city of Toronto has to offer, Yorkville sounds like a really ideal weekend retreat that could have all that a person might ask for from a quiet spot. From wide roads to a quiet and low-key style of the residents, the only noise you will get will be the occasional rumble of a high-end sports car or a big SUV. Other than that, Yorkville presents a great place for the introverts among us to just kick back, relax and bask in the serenading quietness, especially at nighttime. 

  1. The Annex

The Annex, much like Yorkville, might not initially present itself as the quiet spot of Toronto. One look at the skyline of the neighbourhood and you could argue otherwise; sport bars, eateries, bookshops and cafes line the streets and university, and college students can be seen populating these places and milling around the block for nearly the whole day. But the surprising thing about The Annex is its residential neighbourhood, the space that is the actual quiet part of the place. The one with the stately homes, manors that look like they’re straight out of a Batman comic where Bruce Wayne might have a townhouse. The Annex is a quiet suburb of Toronto that boasts a great living experience; its services like TBA that take it a couple of notches further and offer options that really give a sense of occasion. If you are looking for a quiet weekend retreat that gives you a nice place to stay without much humdrum around, The Annex is the place and TBA is the short-term rental provider you want that has some great options in The Annex. 

  1. Little Italy

At this point, you can pretty much guess what’s coming next. Toronto is a big city, and like other big cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and even in Canada, the city never sleeps. So, spots like Little Italy in Toronto become the poster child for their dual personality. They are vibrant, busy and bustling throughout the day and night, but their residential areas and side streets are some of the quietest you will ever experience. Little Italy is no different; filled to the brim with people checking out the local scene with pizzerias, eateries and a great maze of commercial activity, its hard to see at first that you could get a quiet moment in Little Italy. But once you skip the main commercial hub and step into the side streets lined with houses and residential units, you will see a side of Toronto that isn’t usually obvious. Quiet, serene with birds chirping and a peaceful environment. You might want to live in these streets permanently, but if you are looking for a short-term rental to get away from the noise and humdrum of the big city for a weekend, once again, TBA has some great options in Little Italy that will expose you to the quieter, finer side of Toronto that will be like the holistic reset button for your senses.

In a nutshell, 

Even loud, busy cities full of life and rhythm like Toronto have their quiet sides. And people living in busier, noisier districts and neighbourhoods long for places that offer relaxation and sanity in a whirlpool of activity. With TBA, you can experience the best of what these quiet spots have to offer; get a short-term rental with TBA and see, experience the side of Toronto seldom talked about. We get you the best of Toronto and for the more laid-back among us, Toronto has its fair share of cool, quiet little neighbourhoods where you’d want to settle and raise a family. 

TBA: bringing the best of Toronto short-term rentals to you!

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