The Toronto apartment rental landscape right now

Toronto apartment rental

Living in a big city certainly has everything, including the advantages of being in an urban city with its sprawl, amenities, and convenience, and the disadvantages come part and parcel too. For people who’ve lived their whole lives in the city, the disadvantages might be a result of ‘being too picky’ or just plain ignorance, but the fact is that living in the city can be a bit of a hassle. And the one disadvantage that is usually seen as universal is the rent and the cost of living. That alone might be the reason why many people tend to stick to the suburbs or somewhere outside the city limits and commute every day just to escape those prices. Today, we’ll be looking at what living arrangements you can get in Toronto for a nominal price and whether or not Toronto also joins the list of cities that are getting harder to live in.

Let’s start by looking at what makes a city like Toronto so lucrative and how much cost plays a role in making a city like Toronto either a great option or a lousy one. Let’s get started. 

Toronto apartment rental

Reasons why Toronto is a great place to live in

Let’s understand what makes Toronto such a great place to live in, and then we’ll proceed on to the apartment rental options for Toronto as of January 2024. 

  • Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is a big part of Toronto’s appeal for many people. Given Canada’s diverse populace and demography as a holistic entity, it would be logical to assume that the most populous province is simply a microcosm of all that. Much like New York in America, Toronto could be considered a melting pot of cultures in Canada, which is reflected in Toronto’s cityscape. Even the food in Toronto is a testament to the city’s multiculturalism; as a place, you can get lost in the many different avenues it has to offer. People from all over the world call Toronto their home, so why shouldn’t it be you?

  • Healthcare

Healthcare is another big reason why people prefer Toronto and Ontario as a whole. The healthcare system of the entire province, especially in Toronto, is very good and affordable, given Canada’s focus on prioritizing healthcare for its citizens. The healthcare in Toronto is one of the best in the country, and people from across the border in the USA regularly come in for medication, check-ups, and whatnot, which is a testament to Canada’s unwavering commitment to keeping healthcare affordable. Some of the best clinics, hospitals, specialists, and general medicine practitioners are available, so chalk it up as another reason you should move to Toronto. 

  • Economy 

Toronto’s bustling economy makes for a great place for immigrants and Canadians to move for economic opportunities. Everything from high-paying jobs in the IT sector to thriving avenues for starter jobs is available within the great city of Toronto, and this makes for a unique skyline where career progression is guaranteed and works in tandem with a nominal cost of living that provides a good quality of life. Couple this with the beautiful city skyline, and suddenly, Toronto becomes the greatest place to live and work within the Great White North. 

  • Cost of living, quality of life

In the same vein as having a great economy, Toronto also boasts an incredibly low cost of living compared to other big metropolitan cities in Canada and elsewhere. For instance, New York on the east coast of America and California on the west coast are two mega-states that boast big cities, but the cost of living for both can be atrocious, causing people to come up with creative ways to live and get by. On the other hand, the cost of living and the subsequent quality of life you get in Canada, especially in Ontario and Toronto, are part and parcel of the experience that makes this city a great place to succeed and grow. While different localities have differing rents and costs, most of Toronto is still affordable and great, as always.

  • Safe and convenient

Last but not least, Toronto is both safe and convenient. As the media would have us believe, the big city has its own problems, including crime. Everything from your mugging to shootouts involving automatic weapons, yes, the big cities in America might boast something like that. Still, Canada is a much better place to live, especially if you want something quiet and dainty with lots of convenience. Try Toronto, for instance. With its great travel and commute infrastructure and options, relatively low crime rates, and statistics, moving to Toronto can be one of the best decisions you can make, as it will set you up for future success. 

Toronto apartment rental

Toronto apartment rental landscape: what is it like?

Now that we know what Toronto has to offer regarding living there, here’s the big question: what exactly can you get when it comes to apartment rentals in Toronto? Well, let’s look at the breakdown. 

  • Leslieville: In the wonderful suburb of Leslieville, expect to spend a hefty amount eac month, which will set you up with a triplex unit with two bedrooms and one full bathroom; these are apartments close to Greenwood Park and Woodbine Beach, which has a great selection of shops and restaurants. 
  • King’s West: The neighborhood of King’s West is also one of the places where a small rent payment will get you a lot. With one bedroom, a bathroom, a balcony, and a shared outdoor deck perfect for recreational activities, a King West condo is a great way to soak in the city without breaking the bank. 
  • Downtown Toronto: Downtown Toronto might seem like an excessively expensive place, but it’s not, and with some searching around, you can get an executive condo with one bedroom and one bathroom, whose main selling point is that it is a waterfront condo. Need we say anything else?
  • High Park: High Park is another one of those areas that people think is for the extremely affluent; however, you can get a one-bedroom, one-bathroom loft apartment located right within the heart of it all and not pay an arm and a leg for it. 
  • Liberty Village: Liberty Village condos are popular, and you can get a one-bedroom apartment with a den and a large living room for a nominal monthly rent. A condo in Liberty Village, this one brings some extra oomph. 

Toronto apartment rental

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