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While in a big city like Toronto, there’s really no shortage of things to do, and provided that you have a schedule on you that lets you know what to do and where to go, trust us: Toronto is a city filled to the brim with sights and activities to do. After all, it is one of the great global metropolitans of the world, with sister cities like Chicago, Frankfurt and Milan. And once you get to the city, Toronto is full of hidden gems and places that really make you want to visit more than once. In fact, the attractiveness of Toronto coupled with an apartment rental service like Toronto Boutique Apartments will have you set this great city as your dream destination, and with this, here are our picks for the things to do during your stay with TBA. 

From spots where locals like to hang out to eateries and sights that make Toronto one of the greatest cities of the world, here are our picks for when you stay at an amazing apartment with TBA and want to get some more out of your stay in Toronto. 

Things to do in Toronto while staying with TBA

When you stay with TBA, you’re not just staying with a run-of-the-mill, average, uninspired apartment rental service that just lets you in the apartment and calls it a day. TBA is an entire experience in itself, and with the amenities and luxuries you get when you rent with us, frankly, TBA is an entire ‘thing to do’ while you’re in Toronto. So, let’s start with a cheeky one on the list of things to while in Toronto and enjoying what TBA has to offer in terms of luxury apartment rentals. 

Stay in and Enjoy!

We’re not going to toot our horn, but while Toronto is a beautiful and amazing city in itself, so are each of our luxuriously appointed and furnished apartments! Whether you are staying in downtown Toronto or in the Bayside area, there’s never a shortage of options when it comes to exploring the city and getting a feel of the place. But trust us on this: when it comes to TBA, the apartments will be some of the best places where you can just kick back and relax, and so, for your first treat of the day, try to stay and take in much of the apartment and the ambience it provides you with: once you’ve stayed here, nothing will ever compare or even come close. That’s just how good TBA is. 

Visit the CN Tower

You can’t not visit Toronto and not visit the CN Tower. Its like the Canadian equivalent of the Statue of Liberty or the Eiffel Tower. This 1815-foot behemoth of architectural ingenuity will provide you with views of the entirety of the city, and it is simply breathtaking. Start by visiting the glass-floored observation deck, which will have you seeing through the floor into the vast height beneath you. Or, if you are one of those people who aren’t thrilled or scared with just the thought of great heights, take to the Edgewalk, which features a hands-free walk on a ledge that surrounds the top floors. If that is enough excitement for you, relax with a drink and meal at the 360 Restaurant, which does exactly what the name suggests. 

Relax at the Toronto Island Park

You might say ‘well there’s parks in my hometown, why should I visit a park while I’m in the big city?’ Well, the Toronto Island Park is unlike any other park you might have ever visited. Start by renting a bike at the Centre Island Pier and take in the amazing views of Lake Ontario. Or, if you are gourmet type to mix food and fun, try having a picnic at Olympic Island and take in the views of the city. If you have children with you, the Centreville Amusement Park is bound to keep them occupied, and for the sunset and the viewing of a lifetime, end your day with a visit to Hanlan’s Point Beach. 

Explore more in the St Lawrence Market

The St Lawrence Market stands as the city landmark from another era: if two hundred years ago was indeed another era and not several generations apart. But here, in St Lawrence Market, you can see for yourself what Toronto is all about, especially when it comes to eateries. With nearly two hundred vendors within this market, you can find everything from fresh pasta to artisanal bread and lobster, and the tastes are like the country of Canada in one small place: you simply can’t miss out on the experience of being in a place like the St Lawrence Market. It’s one of the few places where even introverts in the city like to go and hang out. 

Take in the sights at Royal Ontario Museum 

Over a century old now and yet the Royal Ontario Museum still elicits sharp breaths and wows not just with its sights that it holds inside, but with its architecture as well. It looks like something that came out of the Victorian-era that met with a Transformer, turning into something that is well, emblematic of the Royal Ontario Museum and Toronto in general. Housing more than six million objects and specimens, the Royal Ontario Museum is sure to take your breath away, and for people who appreciate a little brain-y stuff, the Royal Ontario Museum will certainly be the highlight of their trip to Toronto. 

Travel back in time at the Casa Loma

Built over a 100 years ago in 1914, this castle that overlooks Toronto and is really majestic is a heritage landmark, and here, you can wander through three levels of ornately decorated rooms as well as a conservatory, or rather the Conservatory, which boasts, of all things, an Italian marble floor. And while you can take in the views and take in all that the Casa Loma has to offer, you can always try the steakhouse located within the castle, that has arguably the best beef in the city. Try it out and you certainly won’t regret it. 

  1. Be patriotic: visit the Hockey Hall of Fame

Canadians love their ice hockey, and boy does the hall of fame does the sport justice. For hardcore fans of the sport and even visitors looking for the best of what downtown Toronto has to offer, the Hockey Hall of Fame is an interactive museum done right. Complete with sports memorabilia and tributes to the sport, the teams and some of the best players that Canada has had in the sport, the Hockey Hall of Fame is surely a treat for anybody who is a fan of the sport and wants nothing more than a place to connect with the legends of ice hockey. 

Toronto Boutique Apartments: Bringing you the Best of the City!

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Whether it’s a two-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city or if it’s a lovely studio apartment overlooking the harbour, Toronto Boutique Apartments has it all and has it customizable, just the way you like it. Because with TBA, it’s all about you; how you like the two-bedroom apartment or how you like the décor of the studio apartment, and TBA will make it so. Classy furnishings and apartments with well-appointed and chic furniture will elevate your lifestyle to the next level, and you will revel and delight in the standard of living provided by TBA. To make your stay in Toronto extra special, head on over to Toronto Boutique Apartments and book your apartment with them for the experience of a lifetime.

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