The Ultimate Guide to Renting Your First-Ever Apartment

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The much-awaited time has come: whether you are just traveling, moving out of your parent’s home, or stepping out of the dorm- you must gather the courage to rent your first apartment. 

Renting an apartment for the first time can be a lot to take in, but if you divide the process into easy, manageable steps, you can go through it like a pro with confidence and get sorted out in days. If you prepare in advance, your moving day will go much more smoothly than expected.

Below is your ultimate guide to renting your first apartment, saving you from all the unnecessary headaches. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Renting Your First Apartment: Key Considerations

Know your budget:

It’s tempting to fall in love with a luxurious apartment, but understanding your budget and sticking to it will ultimately save you from financial hardship in the long run. Beyond the financial calculations, another critical stage to meeting your budget is determining what is necessary to add to the apartment and what is not. Take a pen and a page and jot down your monthly income, savings, and debt to get a ballpark figure for what is left since it will be the rent you can pay. Though the conventional wisdom says you shouldn’t spend more than thirty percent of your salary on housing, the reality of modern city life like Toronto might make that number closer to forty or fifty percent. 

Select an area:

You always wanted to move into a posh neighborhood, but now it’s out of your budget. We understand narrowing down your ideal neighborhood can be challenging for first-time renters looking for an apartment. However, limiting your options is the most remarkable advice we can offer. You may like to live in a lively area but wind up in a senior community instead if you don’t do your homework. Hence, the second most important thing to do is weigh the pros and cons of an area and then choose the right one.

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Check the amenities provided:

Amenities vary regarding furnished and unfurnished apartments. Whichever you choose, compare the amenities provided by different rental companies.

Many apartments in certain places provide amenities like swimming pools, gyms, rooftop decks, laundry, parking, and more. For some people, outdoor features are a must-have in their first apartment. You may throw genuinely memorable parties for your guests if your apartment offers private outdoor areas. With all these amenities the landlord provides, you won’t need to worry about shelling out your cash to enjoy these services. 

Beware of rental scams:

Apartment listings that seem too good to be true make it even more challenging to make the right decision. You can only learn to spot rental scams with experience; those looking to rent an apartment for the first time mainly fall prey to these scams. 

Visit in person:

Even though it’s not always feasible, especially if you are someone who is traveling, it’s still a good idea to see potential rental properties live. Several websites use wide-angle lenses, lighting effects, and editing to present the property in the best version. 

Understand the lease terms:

You should read your lease carefully to avoid short and long-term legal trouble. 

Are you allowed to keep the pets? If you have these questions, you may always return to your lease term for clarification; it will clear all your ambiguities. The fundamentals of a lease contract include the details regarding your monthly rent payment and the process for rent hikes. Before signing a lease contract, be sure you know what you’re getting into with the lease terms, either monthly or yearly, the pet regulations, the parking facility, and the security deposit. If you need help understanding any of the terms in the contract, only sign it after getting all the clarifications. 

Read the contract carefully:

We can almost feel the tediousness of reading a prolonged contact. But you must read the details since every rental has unique terms and conditions. Worst case scenario: you hang some drapes or photos, for instance, and lose your security deposit.

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Look for hidden fees:

These additional costs might be somewhat obscure to the first-time buyer as they are hidden. Aside from the rent, other essentials like parking fees and Wi-Fi should be considered if given in the overall cost or hidden somewhere in additional expenses. 

Gather essentials:

It would help if you began the hunt to accumulate necessities as soon as you learned you would rent an apartment. You probably don’t want to relocate only to realize, oh, you’re short on kitchen essentials! 

Clean before moving in:

Once a tenant moves out of their old apartment, it is customary for them to be responsible for cleaning up the apartment. However, upon entering their new rental property, many unfortunate tenants are disappointed to see dust, trash, and piles of rubbish. So, cleaning your place well is best before you start hauling boxes in. 

The Bottom Line:

Renting your first apartment is a thrilling new adventure filled with independence, responsibility, and exciting opportunities. But before rushing to rent an apartment, following the checklist and keeping yourself safer is crucial. We hope you find the perfect place to call home and start a new journey with confidence!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a reasonable budget for renting your first apartment?

Your rental amount should be 20% to 30% of your take-home salary. But remember your present spending habits and long-term financial objectives will determine your budget and goals. 

Should one live on the first floor of an apartment?

Everyone has their preferences regarding which floor they would like to rent. If the constant rush of passing cars is a significant turnoff for you, the first floor may seem like a good option. However, the main advantage of living on the first floor is the lower cost of renting, and you can enjoy all the perks of a great neighborhood but with lower costs. 

Which floor on a building is premium?

Premium apartments are mainly located on higher floors of the building. This is because higher-floor apartments offer better ventilation, lesser air pollution, and breathtaking views to the tenants. Not only that, but these apartments are also more secure than ground-level flats, where thieves are more likely to attack.

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