Ultimate Guide to Renting a 1-Bedroom Apartment: Everything You Need to Know

1-Bedroom Apartment

According to the most recent census, 46% of Toronto residents are renters.

If you’re ready to enter the crowded Toronto rental market and find your ideal one-bedroom, you must get ahead.

Being well-prepared in a market with a 1% vacancy rate and escalating rents is essential.

Whether you’re looking for your first apartment or a seasoned tenant looking for new vistas in the concrete jungle, this guide is your go-to. Finding and renting a 1-bedroom apartment in Toronto is more than simply looking for a place to live; it’s a process.

So, let’s take it one step at a time and go on this journey.

How to Find Your Dream 1-Bed Room Apartment in Toronto

Now that you’re prepared for your Toronto apartment search, it’s time to learn how to discover that apartment. Let’s start with valuable tips to make your search smooth.

1.     Market Research

Before hitting the streets, consider which neighborhood best fits your needs. This city has a patchwork of areas, each with its distinct vibe.

  • Inspect your everyday commute. How far are you willing to travel to go to work or campus? Consider neighborhoods that are easy to go to.
  • Your way of life is essential. Consider parks, retail centers, food establishments, and public transportation.
  • Always put safety first. Check the neighborhood’s crime statistics
  • Toronto’s cultural vibrancy is palpable. If you enjoy the arts or music, look for neighborhoods that embrace the city’s cultural pulse.

2.     Budgeting and Financial Considerations

Now, let’s get down to business. Your ideal residence should be in line with your financial situation.

Begin your 1 Bedroom apartment hunt by setting your maximum rent budget. Be practical while taking into consideration other financial obligations.

Furthermore, research the electricity, water, heating, and internet prices. Most Toronto landlords need a security deposit, usually one or two months’ rent.

3.     Online Listings and Local Resources

With your budget and neighborhood in mind, it’s time to get an apartment. You can get help from

  • Online platforms
  • Local Real Estate Agencies
  • Community Forums and Social Media Groups

What to Look for in a 1-Bedroom Apartment in Toronto

Now that you’ve shortlisted some apartments, it’s time for some viewings. Here’s how to make an informed decision

Step 1: Make Appointments

Contact landlords or property managers and schedule appointments. Go for the time that works best for you. It will provide the necessary space to inspect your possible new pad properly.

Step 2: Ask Questions

Before entering those flats, list questions for the landlord or property manager. Here are some must-ask questions:

  • Are pets permitted?
  • What are the specifics of the lease?
  • Are there any peculiar building rules or constraints you should know?
  • Are there any nagging maintenance issues that need to be addressed?
  • The situation with laundry: in the building or the unit?

Step 3: Inspect the Apartment Thoroughly

Now comes the exciting part: watching. Keep an eagle eye out for the following details:

  • Check for structural problems such as cracks, leaks, or mold.
  • Run appliances, faucets, and outlets through their paces.
  • Check storage space. Examine every nook, corner, closet, and cabinet.
  • Is a street serenade or a neighboring apartment whispering?


Take photographs or note anything that catches your eye throughout your inspection. When deciding, these will be your cues. That can help you evaluate the pros and cons of the place.

Documentation and Negotiation Required for Securing 1-Bedroom apartment Toronto

Finally, it’s time to close the transaction and move into your dream apartment

The application process

The majority of landlords will have an application form ready for you. Gather the following papers to expedite this step:

  • Identification: Bring your ID with you so they know who you are.
  • Income Proof: Show them the money! Demonstrate your ability to pay the rent.
  • Gather those dependable references to attest to your excellence.

Read Your Rental Agreement

Before you sign anything, read the rental agreement thoroughly. There should be no skipping. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions thoroughly. If something is unclear, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification.


If you believe there is space for bargaining on rent or other terms, Raise your voice!

Be kind and convincing. Your landlord may be more accommodating than you think.

Pay Your Security Deposit

It’s time to pull out your wallet when your application is approved. Pay a security deposit and the first month’s rent. Remember to acquire a receipt for all payments you make—paper trail, people!

Before signing the Lease, Re-Read it.

You’re finally signing the leasing deal. Give the pen a once-over before grabbing it. If something feels wrong, talk to your landlord. Once everything is clear, sign to make it official.

Your Rights and Obligations as a Tenant

Now that you’re ready to move into your Toronto apartment, you must understand your rights and obligations as a tenant in this lively city. Here’s how to handle the landlord-tenant relationship:

 Let us Discuss Our Four-legged Pals

Landlords in Ontario are not allowed to toss you out just because you have a pet, but they can put their foot down before you ever move in. If you’re considering buying a condo, remember that condo by-laws supersede the Residential Tenancies Act. If the apartment prohibits dogs, your furry friend is out.

Increasing Rents

Unless you live in a newly constructed residence built after November 15, 2018, Ontario keeps rent hikes on a leash. Landlords can generally raise rent once a year, although there is a limit. It cannot rise over that year’s Consumer Price Index (CPI). So you may rest easy, wallet.

Property Access Rights

Your landlord can access your premises, but it is not unrestricted. They must notify you, generally 24 hours in advance (unless there is an emergency). They can come in to fix items and show the property to potential renters or purchasers, but they must follow the laws.

What Happens If Your Landlord Decides to Sell?

If your landlord chooses to sell, don’t be scared. If you have a valid, signed lease, you will not be evicted. Everything remains the same once the new owner takes over your lease.

If you are a month-to-month tenant, your landlord should give you 60 days’ notice, starting on the first of the month.

Some More Tips When Looking for 1 Bedroom Apartment

Looking for the perfect apartment in Toronto might be daunting. Evaluate these main elements that will bring you to your urban paradise.

Understand Your Requirements

You must determine what you want in a room. Do you want a large bedroom with a beautiful bathroom, or are you looking for a comfortable crash pad? Knowing your requirements is like having a map before venturing into the apartment jungle.

Ask around

Feel free to seek advice from locals or acquaintances in the region.

If someone you know is sitting on a golden housing chance, they can provide you with a beneficial referral.

Be Flexible

Your hidden weapon is your adaptability. It’s uncommon in Toronto’s rental market to strike gold with location, size, and rock-bottom rent. Be willing to make concessions and have an open mind.

Act Quickly

The rental market in this metropolis moves at a breakneck pace. Save time. Waiting till tomorrow to consider it might mean it’s gone by sunrise.

Be Honest in Your Application

Although it may be tempting to embellish your application, maintaining an honest relationship with your landlord is a long-term investment.

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